What do Cold War-era military equipment and modern music have in common?

Until recently nothing, but that was before the debut of the retro Nixie clock. The name ‘Nixie’ is the actual name of tubes which were a component of old Soviet military technology. These tubes are the precursors of modern LEDs.

Rescued unused after three decades from disused basements in Eastern Europe, they have become the central component of the White Retro Nixie Clock. They produce a warm, characteristic glow encased in a hand-worked wooden enclosure with a polyurethane finish.

The White Retro Nixie Clock is not a mass-produced piece. It is a handcrafted work of art created by a team of highly skilled artisans. Each piece takes over 30 hours of precise workmanship to create.

Nixie tubes are no longer produced and when the old stock is finished, no more Nixie clocks will be created. As such, each clock comes with a certificate of authenticity.

White Retro Nixie Clock - 30 Hours of Precise Workmanship 1

White Retro Nixie Clock - 30 Hours of Precise Workmanship

White Retro Nixie Clock

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