There are many great choices at your disposal when you’re looking for the best sound bars for under $200. These sound bars are great if you want to obtain a better sound compared to what is coming out of your television speakers. Choosing a soundbar is a tough proposition. When you try to save money, countless problems crop up that you need to be aware before you spend the dough. First make sure that it does not block your TV’s remote sensor and it interface easily with your television for a proper sound response. Here are one of the 7 best soundbars under a couple hundred bucks.

BOHM B2 Premium 40” inch SoundBar

Pro: Creates a Theater-Quality Sound
Con: Bad Remote

This BOHM sound bar at first glance is pretty simple in style and quality. It does not require much to set up and gets operational in minutes. The items have great sound qualities especially for Blu-ray discs and regular TV programs. The Bluetooth option is flawless while the equalizer helps add different depth to get full effect of the experience.

Polk Audio N1 Bar

Pro: Variable Programmed audio modes
Con: The Display lights are difficult to see

The sound bar designers seemed to have decided they are going to make long, black boxes and little ease. The Polk Audio N1 ventures away from that by offering a superb trapezoidal design that looks striking. Polk N1 employs one of the best proprietary virtual surround systems to be found with their SDA. Moreover, the built in streaming gives you CD quality audio, so this is not just another cheap Bluetooth speaker knock off.

JBL Cinema SB200 Soundbar

Pro: Has a subwoofer output
Con: Sensitive automatic shut off

The device’s settings are easy to adjust as the bar is to the setup, so fiddle your heart’s content till it plays nice with your TV or stereo. Using the optical interface, you are able to adjust it and receive quality sound without adding cables to the mix. If you want to adapt or expand this later on and will find it can change with the wind, add some additional components, and then take a new role as a center speaker for a larger system with ease.

LG NB3532A 300W Soundbar

Pro: Exceptional sound, easy setup
Con: Switching channel sound stops at times

This LG unit is a beauty to behold, both in exterior characteristics and interior characteristics. The setup of this sound this item is as easy as plugging in both the soundbar and the subwoofer, then plug the digital cable in… done. More so, Bluetooth sync to iPhone is very easy. The sound bar installs in seconds and is a great upgrade from TV speakers only. All the specifications work together to give you a listening environment with crystal clear output and deep bass sounds that any self-respecting audiophile would be proud of.

VIZIO S4251w-B4 42-Inch

Pro: Amazing 5.1 surround sound, super-easy setup
Con: No HDMI connections, poor technical support

The VIZIO boasts of many specifications that ultimately helped it land in this list. Starting with packaging, the item arrives in a single box. VIZIO actually managed to pack everything into a very compact box while still providing enough of Styrofoam padding to protect everything inside. When it comes to subwoofer, you no longer have to worry to worry about running wires to the back of your room since it is wireless with 60ft of clear line. Moreover, you can also hook up the item with an iPad for music or any Bluetooth device like phone tablet or apple 3D blueray player hooked to TV HDMI cable sound bar optical.

RCA RTS635 Home Theater Sound Bar

Pro: Good sound quality, easy setup
Con: Malfunctioning remote control, lacks HDMI

When you purchase sound bars at this lower price, one of the biggest hazards you encounter is complicated controls that lack intuition and require use of proprietary hardware. The RCA has a clear understanding of the needs of the buyer and it interface easily with most TVs. You just need to do a little hook up to get the best audio back for your buck.

Nakamichi NK22 Soundbar

Pro: Our pick
Con: Unfavorable for movies with big explosions

Nakamichi NK22 sound bar is one of the best for under $200. The device produce excellent and powerful sound than most sound bars. Nakamichi have no sync problems. The Bluetooth ability is strong while the wireless sub is amazing. The item is indeed worth the price.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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