Tesla was a crazy scientist who created lot of cool stuff. Inspired by the crazy scientist and his awesome inventions comes another amazing product from ThinkGeek, the Tesla Watch. It is a steampunk-styled analog watch that gives new meaning to wearing watches. It has these amazing two vacuum tube styled LED on top of the dial that makes it look like you are wearing a one of the many gadget made by Tesla only for you.

With a white dial and a leather strap this watch will steal the look. On all metal parts, this watch has a cool weathered-brass look. The main attraction are the two faux vacuum tubes made from LED bulbs that can be switched on and off easily with a flick of a switch. Everybody will ask you for time just to check out your watch. Don’t forget to mention the year ‘..1875’.

Tesla Watch - Steampunk Geek 3

Tesla Watch - Steampunk Geek

Tesla Watch - Steampunk Geek1

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