Have you ever thought of purchasing a stand up paddle board or are you wondering what this is? A stand up paddle board is a variation of a surfboard. It was originally developed in Hawaii but has since expanded globally. Stand up paddle boarding can offer you a full body workout as you stand and push yourself through calm or choppy waters with a paddle.

A stand up paddle board can be used in the ocean surf, calm lakes, and even rivers providing the waves aren’t too drastic. It has been used for cross-training, fishing, and just for a leisurely day on the water. If you’re interested in this new and relatively unexplained sport, following is a great reference guide for just what kind of board you might want to choose.

Solstice Bali Stand Up Paddleboard

Pro: Firm, highly buoyant
Con: Hard to inflate, instructions are difficult to understand

This stand up paddle board has been remarked as fantastic for beginner stand up paddle board users to experienced users. This paddle board is inflatable, making it very easy to transport but it can be very difficult to inflate to the correct PSI. The recommended PSI is between 12-15. However, if you have multiple people using this board at the same time, or even want to trade off users in the middle of the day without adjusting the PSI for each person, more is better. This stand up paddle board is perfect for men, women, teens, thin, or heavy individuals. If you experience trouble getting the pump hose to attach to the boat inflator, ensure the orange washer is not backwards.

The instructions could definitely be more thorough but the process is fairly easy to figure out. The uninflated stand up paddle board is lightweight and the weight is easily distributed so carrying it is a breeze. Perfect for even older active individuals! This board does wonderfully even in light surf as it doesn’t cut through the waves like a surfboard, but instead rolls over them and gives the user a wonderfully stable ride. Whether you’re looking to use this paddle board in the ocean, a lake, or a river, it performs and holds up to a higher standard of stand up paddle boards for those not interested in dishing out big bucks for a hard board.

California Board Company Keeper Sports Classic CBC Stand Up Paddle Board Set

Pro: Considered newer version of stand up paddle board, comes with helpful accessories
Con: Extremely lengthy, the top is highly slippery

This board is a classic hard stand up paddle board. It is a tri-fin paddle board which provides excellent stability on the water through light surf or flat waters. While it may be a bit long, it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry as it weighs only 25 pounds and has a built-in carrying handle. Before heading out onto the water, be sure to use plenty of wax on the top of the board to give some traction because out of the box, this stand up paddle board is very slippery. When you’re ready to hit the water, grab your included leash and paddle and head on out. This board is very sturdy and will have you about 5.5″ out of the water, so you don’t need to worry about getting wet (unless you lose your balance & fall off of course!).

Isle Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board

Pro: Lightweight, easy to carry
Con: Foam scuffs easily, no instructions

This board is excellent for both beginner and intermediate stand up paddle boarders! It’s lightweight at 27 pounds, easy to carry, and durable in choppy waters, wakes, and flat water. The board has a beautiful wood appearance finish, but is foam on the top and sides. This foam can scuff very easily on rocky shores so it’s probably best for sandier areas. Because of this foam, attaching it to your roof racks or leaving it sit on rocks for too long can lead to indentations but if you leave the board sit for about 12 hours, these indentations pop out and your board is good as new!

It’s extremely comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time and the included aluminum paddle is lightweight enough that your arms don’t become overly tired but durable enough to get the job done when needed. It has a 5 inch thickness which is regarded as just perfect to keep your feet out of the water as opposed to some boards that are only 4 inches thick. Overall, the board is a great buy for those just beginning or for the intermediate user who is looking to get their own stand up paddle board.

Isle Women’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Pump and 3-piece Adjustable Paddle

Pro: Durable, 6″ thick
Con: Pump gage is ineffective, no storage bag

This stand up paddle board is great for use on the ocean but is not recommended for strong currents or highly windy days. This board is excellent for travel because it’s inflatable so it allows for easy storage and transport. For beginners, this is an excellent stand up paddle board (SUP) because the 6″ thickness of the board allows the user to be high enough out of the water while standing on the foot-friendly foam base makes for a very comfortable ride. Just a short time with the enclosed pump fills the inflatable stand up paddle board with enough air to make a safe and enjoyable ride, but the rider must be cautious as it seems the pump gauge is faulty and won’t always tell when there is an appropriate amount of air. When the user is finished with their ride, just turn the valve and the air comes blasting out of the board.

Roll it up, enclose it with the D-Ring strap that is included, and toss it in the back of your vehicle. The one downside is that this stand up paddle board does not have a storage bag, but one can be purchased for an additional fee.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable

Pro: Extremely stable, good quality included pump
Con: Can be hard to inflate, no instructions

This is an excellent quality inflatable stand up paddle board. The board has a 6″ thickness which completely prevents the user’s feet from getting in the water and can be used even in choppy waters with slightly high wind. The paddle that is included is of good quality and unless you want to spend the extra money, works perfectly well for navigation and keeping you stable. If you’re a smaller individual, getting the board pumped up to the correct PSI for optimal stability can be difficult, but it isn’t necessary to deflate the board after each use. If you have the capacity to stick it in the back or on the top of your vehicle – the board retains it’s shape and weight with no problem. However, if you do need to deflate the board when you’re finished, keep in mind that each time you must remove the fin. This is done by unscrewing a tiny screw which can be easy to lose so be careful!

The board is extremely long and weighs nearly 30 pounds uninflated so if you’re wanted to take it with you on long hikes, you will definitely want to purchase a bag which is not included. All together, this is an excellent board for the price. If you’re a frequent stand up paddle boarder, this is an excellent board to invest in as renting can become insanely expensive over time.

Naish Nalu GS Paddle Board

Pro: Extremely stable, durable for years
Con: Heavy, expensive

This board is perfect for those who have a little extra to spend on a paddle board and want to go with the best. It’s very stable and although a bit heavy at 43.5 pounds, this bit of added weight is perfect for the right combination between stability and speed. The board is perfect for either flat-water cruising or for those days when the waves are a bit choppy. It sits about 6 inches out of the water so no worries about your feet sinking in and the foam pad on top makes standing for long periods of time extremely comfortable.

This board is not only meant for stand up paddle boarding, the versatility makes it perfect for longboard surfing too. It’s reinforced with extra wood in the stance area which means extra durability and the glass matrix deck and bottom really add a nice touch for finishing off an outstanding weight-to-strength ratio. This board would be better for someone who is at least an intermediate surfer or stand up paddle boarder, but it’s such high quality, a user could have it for years without ever needing a new board.

BIC Sport C-TEC Tracer Stand Up Paddle Board

Pro: Solid construction, comes in 3 sizes for varying riders
Con: Expensive, narrow

This is meant to be a performance board, but works just as well for an experienced stand up paddle boarder. Depending on the weight of the rider, BIC offers 3 different sizes to best accompany their customer. While this board might be a bit on the expensive side, it’s well worth it. It offers stability and speed even in windy weather with choppy water. If you’re used to an inflatable board, you will notice this board is a bit more narrow but it’s easy to adjust to, considering these boards are heavier than their inflatable counterparts. The standing area is rather large, offering a lot of padding room to adjust trim and turn easier. It is a rather long board, so turning can be a challenge, but with practice becomes increasingly easier.

Also it’s excellent for the serious stand up racers or just those who enjoy the sport recreationally. The graphics are attractively subdued and appropriate for either male or female users. There are plenty of places to attach gear (such as water bottles) while using and this board even comes with a 9 in. fiberglass touring fin for when you know you won’t be exceeding drastic speeds or encountering rough waves.

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