Sandisk recently unveiled the mother of all MicroSD cards—the 200GB Ultra UHS-I microSDXC. This comes a year later after they introduced their record-breaking 128GBUltra MicroSD.

Besides stretching the storage capacity limit up to 20 cool hours of Full-HD video, the microSD lets you transfer data at a rad speed of 90mbs. This means you can transfer an upward of 1200 images in 60 seconds.

Oh, and did I mention that the card is actually water, X-ray, magnet and shock proof? You can expose it to whatever you want (save for fire and acid) and be rest assured every piece of data you have therein is completely safe.

Also worth mentioning is the Class 10 video rating feature, which allows you to capture Full HD videos without shuttering and dropouts.

This comes handy as recently Sandisk updated their Memory Zone App to give their users greater control over the memory storage on their mobile devices. With this app, users can engage with OptiMem, an app feature that monitors the internal memory on your phone so it can automatically redirect some of the files you have to a MicroSD card upon reaching a certain threshold.

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