Ever find yourself worried about the security of your home? Worry no more. With the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit by Samsung, you can detect movement or entries into your home whilst you are away or asleep. There is no need for a monthly subscription and set-up is extremely easy, the only requirement is a broadband internet connection! Along with motion detectors, the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit by Samsung offers a wide array of compatible components that you can chose from to include in your set-up and that can all be controlled from your smartphone. All of this at affordable prices.

The SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is a perfect way to control and look after your house efficiently and reliably. Just ask Bryan, busy parent who found SmartThings was an excellent way to look after his family, as well as to save money and energy. Find out more about Bryan and his story, as well as more information about SmartThings, at Smartthings.com

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

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