Peter Guralnick occupies a unique space among the music historians. His two-volume biography of Elvis Presley, Last Train to Memphis (1994) and Careless Love (1999), was a meticulous exploration of the career of the Rock ‘n’ Roll legend.

In his latest book, Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll, Guralnick pays homage to the man who redefined the American Popular Music. Sam Phillips, the man who discovered not just Elvis, but gems like Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Ike Turner, Howlin’ Wolf and Jerry Lee Lewis, who all might have gone unnoticed otherwise, is one of the underappreciated but standalone figures in American history. Guralnick draws on from his astute observations and comprehensive interviews with the artists associated with Sun Records, to present the portrait of a man who launched the careers of legends, and became one himself. The retail price is $32, but you can get it at Amazon around $20. Music lovers, grab a copy today itself!

Sam Phillips The Man Who Invented Rock n Roll - BOOK

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