Since the release of Pulp Fiction movie, hordes of its fans worldwide have been speculating on what could have been the content of the briefcase Vincent and Jules retrieved. To some, it could have been Marcellus’s soul, while others think it contained a collection of gold.

But if we were to make a guess, then we think it could have been something too awesome that the director couldn’t afford to have it filmed—something like  Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figures.

Produced by Beeline Creative, Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figure is a 13-inch-tall figure of Pulp Fiction characters, featuring 11 authentic movie dialogues and a custom tailored suit and other character-specific accessories including a MF wallet and a cup of good coffee.

They are talking figures, repeating the lines on Pulp Fiction which fans recognize almost immediately. Each figure is loud enough and the sound chip way too long. The recordings are pretty clear and the quality of clothes used pretty impressive. NOT for Kids though. Neither should they be played near kids or in a room where kids are.

Each figure has a mode switch placed under the right arm of characters. Meaning you have to undress them a little to put them “on”.

Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figure - Royale With Cheese 2

Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figure - Royale With Cheese 3

Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figure - Royale With Cheese

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