The Powerup FPV is a magnificent hi-tech toy that captures the wildest imagination of those who love to fly. This electric paper airplane does not merely soar in the sky, but literally helps you get the very experience of flying. It boasts of a propeller unit that enables the paper plane not only make twists, but also unimaginable turns in the air. This is not all as it also comes with WIFI live streaming capabilities that can work well within a range of 300ft. Additionally, it contains a camera that can rotate at 360 degree making it to capture images and heights in whatever angle you so wish.

The better part of it all is the auto-pilot capabilities make this toy stand above the rest in the industry. In other words, you will be able to enjoy every benefit that comes with a reliable 3-axis compressor sensor, gyroscope sensor, barometer as well as accelerometer. You can never go wrong with Powerup FPV.


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