Picobrew is the world’s first automatic all grain homebrewing appliance and it’s just lunched at Kickstarter. This is a dream come true for beer lovers who get to enjoy brewing beer at the comfort of their home. Here are the features of this amazing appliance: It is very simple to use. All it takes is loading the ready to use picopak ingredients kit, a keg of water and brew. You get to brew it to your liking. what’s more awesome than brewing a beer that falls in love with your taste buds? Picobrew enables you to brew as much beer as you want and still get the best beer at a lower cost. The brewing cycle takes a minimum of 2 hours, then after adding the yeast, fermentation takes 5 to 7 days and your brew is ready for your enjoyment. The picopak kits are selected from the finest brewers to give you the best beer.

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