If you are a pet lover with hectic schedule; you don’t really have time to feed your dog or cat, the Petnet Smart Feeder can take away the stress of feeding your pet and do it automatically. The Petnet smart feeder is a smart automatic feeder which can be programmed to feed your pets using your smart phone or tablet which is connected to it. You can then schedule feeding times, size of portions and how fast each meal should be dispensed.

Features include: managing pet activity in real time, programing of feeding schedule and food portion sizes, get notifications on battery life, food inventory, feeding times and meal confirmations, it comes with an app which helps a pet owner use the best food available for your pets, great food hoppers and stainless bowls which are dishwasher safe.

The Petnet smart feeder is the best feeder for your busy schedules, keeping your pets healthy and happy.

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