Do you have different tattoo designs but you are not sure which one to use? Well, MOMENTARY INK is here to help. All you need is to upload a photo of the tattoo on MOMENTARY INK website.  After that, they create a replica identical to the original which is then shiped to your door. This can be applied with a brush and other secret solution. This MOMENTARY INK tattoo lasts between 3-10 days. The fun part is that this tattoo is sweat and water resistant. You have no worry of it washing out as you take a shower or soaking in sweat as you work out in the gym. You have the choice to try out multiple designs and styles. And who said tattoos had to be irritating? MOMENTARY INK tattoo can be done on any part of the body without irritation or discomfort. Try out temporary tattoo before committing to a life tattoo.

Momentary Ink - Tattoo Startup Momentary Ink - Tattoo Startup Momentary Ink - Tattoo Startup

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