Every year we think that the megapixel competition will come to an end, but Kodak and Behar have been working to disapprove this notion. Kodak has proved it’s legendary once more by working with Behar to produce the Super 8 camera. This camera has modern sensors that will definitely give you a high definition clear picture. This camera is manufactured for demanding photographers and filmmakers who value quality.

The Super 8 is gorgeously made around the classic Super 8 cartridge in a body of bent sheet steel. This magnificent camera has interchangeable lenses that gives you a very wide aperture and extremely large maximum focal length, that will give you more creativity and photographic controls while shooting and the ability to take clear zoom shots. Behar designed this camera with an archetypal super 8 piston grip and a top-mounted action grip to give you a firm grip on the camera and help you in faster and accurate manipulation of while taking your photos or shooting a scene. The worst nightmare of any shooter is while shooting the camera goes off due to low battery.

Kodak and Behar made the Super 8 with a USB chargeable battery to enable you charge your camera anywhere and cut on costs of buying new batteries regularly. For any shooter who wants a long life battery camera then the Super 8 is definitely reliable for you both at home and also in your carrier. The camera has a digital LCD viewfinder and filmmakers who send in their film for processing will definitely get a digital copy for their video. The first model of super 8 made in 1962 earned respect in the filmmaking industry and was used by reputable film makers, this new model will definitely take over the market again. The Kodak C.E.O described the Super 8 as:

“This is no longer the classic script of a war of digital versus analog but what is now is the complementary characteristics of both”.

Kodak and Yves Béhar Super 8 Camera 1

Kodak and Yves Béhar Super 8 Camera 1

Kodak and Yves Béhar Super 8 Camera 1

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