Tired of taking along a big laptop around? This is a whole different situation. We are talking about taking you desktop where ever you go. The new Kangaroo Portable PC is doing just that. This little kicker is a computer the size of a smartphone that feels right at home inside your pocket. A portable CPU perfect for people that are always on-the-go. This little computer has a HDMI that plugs in to any device for display even an iPad. Plug it to your device and you can interact with its content and even do your work with it. You can even go online, access any web and play any media. Its super lightweight considering there’s no other desktop that is lighter. With an Intel Atom x5 processor, this CPU can last up to 4 hours and it even runs on a 64-bit Windows 10 that work both on desktops and tablets. This is the ultimate breakthrough solution for mobility for computers without sacrificing its processing power. You couldn’t ask for anything smaller. Buy it Here!

Kangaroo Portable PC small
Kangaroo Portable PC small

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