IO is a revolutionary skateboard ultimately designed to bring transformation in the transport industry alongside electric bicycles, and scooters. Featured at the prestigious International CES 2015 in Las Vegas, IO Hawk is an innovation designed to effortlessly glide with the supreme whimsy of a Segway and it is fun and weird at the same time. The self-balancing board that share the same name with it company behind it is has attracted a lot of attention at this year’s electronic show due to its unmatched features that make it outstanding.

IO Hawk is a mobile device weighing 22 pounds that works like a Segway but with no handle bar. This device comes with a metal frame which makes it take a heavier load. It can handle up to 400 pounds. The device is powered by a 4.4Amp Lithium-Ion 36V battery and uses the subtle pressure from the feet to move. It measures 24.65 inches long and has a top speed of 9.65 km/h. The self-balancing skateboard has a set lights behind the base as a security measure, this is a good idea from the manufacture considering how silent the Hawk is as it rolls from place to place.

The battery-powered Hawk is pretty easy to use, it responds accordingly as you shift your balance about the board, rolling forward and backward as you lean in your preferred direction. Learning how to use IO hawk is pretty easy. You don’t need to worry about getting your balance right, the only thing you need to get over is fear from toppling over. He Company is also developing a custom firmware for the device to make it run better.

The IO Hawk currently comes in five basic colors (red, white, yellow,blue and black), with a starting price of $1,800.

IO HAWK SKATEBOARD - A Self-balancing Skateboard 1

IO HAWK SKATEBOARD - A Self-balancing Skateboard 2

IO HAWK SKATEBOARD - A Self-balancing Skateboard 3

IO HAWK SKATEBOARD - A Self-balancing Skateboard

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