There’s always been the age old industrial shovel, and now we have smart ergonomically designed shovel from Bosse Tools. The Bosse Ergonomic Shovel is a scientifically designed shovel that goes easy on your body by requiring less strength for the same amount of work done with the conventional shovel. Digging projects get done quickly. The design is human friendly as it enhances performance with increased agility and practicality. These features provide more satisfaction for the work done with this shovel.

The main feature of the shovel is the ground-breaking rotating center. The circular handle grip at the center can rotate a full 360 degrees with a locking mechanism. This feature makes it a two handed designed shovel. The wrist holding the shovel from the center works in its most natural way. Because of this the range and reach increases. The unique design also helps in decreasing common workplace injuries. With the U-Shaped designed foothold, your foot wont slip when applying pressure.

The Bosse shovel allows only a 22 degree bend at the back of a person against the more conventional shovel with 45 degrees bend. This alone leads to better posture and increased productivity. The Bosse Ergonomic Shovel is a true reinvention of one of the most ancient tools. The shovel comes in four different types: Round Point Shovel, Square Point Shovel, Scoop Shovel, Snow Shovel.




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