Nothing brings out the kid in you better than downhill trike drifting. Trike drifting is one seriously cool way to expend some adrenaline and a few skin cells. You might have been caught mentioning that it can’t get any better than this, (as you drift like Tokyo down the steep mountain pass). I would’ve agreed with you wholeheartedly up until about a year ago. Some poor unsuspecting chap, who loved trike drifting, got relocated to the flattest known place in America and Motorized drift trikes were born.

It has been about a year since they started coming on the scene, but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The motorized drift trike is HOT right now and I do mean HOT! The motorized trike makes downhill track drifting death defying and flat land track drifting possible. However, there are always a few folks out there that want to shake things up and the guys at SFD Industries decided it would be them.

SFD Industries has released the first and greatest Big Wheel Drift Trike. This trike sports a 26-inch front wheel that makes it look just like the big wheel you had as a kid. If you were like me when you were a kid, you sat around on boring days and dreamed up different ways to mount your dad’s lawnmower motor on the back of your big wheel. The dreaming is over. If you have around 2,400 dollars you can experience just what that would have been like. The big wheel on the front of the trike makes you feel like you are back on your green Hulk big wheel and with a 6.5 HP motor, (upgradable for an additional price), it is no slouch on the track. It has extra thick PVC sleeves on the rear wheels to create the loss of traction required for drifting, and yet not so easily worn out.

Peg mounted foot pegs were engineered to stop you from having to pick up your feet to drift. This trike has everything but the kitchen sink, but I am pretty sure you can get that too if the price is right. The Big Wheel Drift Trike was a revolutionary product launch for SPD industries. So come on! You hear you’re inner kid, I know you do. He wants a big wheel again and you better deliver the real deal with the Big Wheel Drift trike while the price is still right.




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