In the new era, modern TV antennas are rapidly replacing cable TVs. They are surely an effective way to replace your own costly cable TV subscription, which would help you to watch your favorite TV shows and sports at almost negligible prices when compared to hefty cable TV subscriptions. While there are many TV streaming services present in the marketplace which get you rid of cable TV; they are unable to provide most local channels.

With the help of TV antennas, we can easily change this situation. Even in the rural areas, you can grab a TV antenna with long-range signal reception and watch all your TV shows with excellent picture quality. Do you want to own such a thing and put some burden off your pocket? Have a look at these different TV antennas which may well suit your requirements. [NOTE: location, obstructions, and building materials affect reception].

Boost the current signal with antenna AMPLIFIERS!

Winegard HD8200U

Editor’s TOP Choice
65+ Miles Application/Usage - Satellite HDTV; Technical Information - Gain - 14.2 dBi; Interfaces/Ports - Connectors - Yes; Physical Characteristics - Dimensions - 110 inches Width x 33 inches Height
Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Editor’s Choice under $100
120+ MilesBuilt-in 360 degree motor rotor, Dual TV Outputs; Built-in Super Low Noise Amplifier, Included Items: HDTV Yagi antenna with built-in roter & amplifier; Roter control box; Remote for roter control box; 40Ft coax cable; power supply for roter control box
1byone Digital Outdoor / Roof HDTV Antenna

Runner Up under $100
75 MilesReceive Free Local HDTV, VHF and UHF Signals - this antenna allows you to pick up free local VHF and UHF high-definition and standard definition signals.

Superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.

Easy Installation
8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna70 MilesMulti-purpose arrangement provides flexibility and easy installation in areas with stations in different directions

Includes DB8e Antenna, all-weather mounting hardware, and instructions
Xtreme Signal HDB91X70 Miles70+ miles reception for UHF and 25 Miles for High Band VHF

Winegard Platinum HD antenna

Pro: Excellent design, construction is simple and straightforward, excellent signal reception
Con: Documentation is minimal and Winegard customer support is not as good as expected

One of the Best: This is the most expensive piece of the bunch. But it performs on every front as it has good build quality, one of the best signal reception, and awesome output. It is sturdy and delivers as expected. With good customer support, this device can go a long way. Winegard hardware can be easily found at any local hardware store which makes it a very suitable option. It also has very long-range reception capabilities as there is no quality loss at even 70+ miles range.

Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Pro: Motorized 360 degree rotation, excellent signal reception
Con: Very lightweight and cheap construction, made up mostly of plastic

Living to the promise: Modest pricing does not affect the capabilities of this antenna as it has an excellent signal reception. The setup itself is very easy without any glitches. Its 360 degrees motorized rotation comes in very handily in its positioning. Considering the price point it is a steal deal, as the long-distance reception is very good and its output quality is best in its class.

Best Choice Products HDTV Antenna

Pro: Pros: Pricing and coverage
Con: No pole in the box, range in shortened by trees and mountains

Long Range at a small price: This antenna lives up to its promise of 150 miles long-range until there are no trees and mountains in its ways. The signal reception is proper and good. It works great if you mount it in a high place. The output quality is also good. The product is lightweight as it is made up of plastics and aluminum. It won’t be able to survive any harsh weather conditions but this is true for all devices in this price range. Thus this device is well above the other devices in its class which makes it a better choice.

Xtreme Signal HDB91X Xtreme Long Range Yagi Style VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna

Pro: Broad antenna, works easily in areas surrounded by trees and looks nice
Con: Not able to intercept and catch many channels

Works in the shade: The best thing about the Xtreme Signal antenna is that it isn’t affected by trees and shade. It works perfectly and the picture and sound quality are good. It works as good as it looks and believes me it looks very good indeed. Although it intercepts fewer channels than the other antennas in this price range, it works like charm. If you just don’t want too many channels you can go for this product.

1byone® Omni-directional Amplified Outdoor Antenna – 60 Miles Range

Pro: Compact, unobtrusive and easy to install
Con: It does not come with an external amplifier and it is lightweight which makes it difficult to survive harsh weather

Compact but effective: The price point at which this antenna comes is much genuine than those big expensive technologies present in the marketplace which makes you wonder whether it would be able to live up to the expectations. But despite a few shortcomings ( its lightweight nature ), it becomes an excellent choice for its good signal reception and easy installation. The long-range supported by the device, i.e., 60 miles is also true. This 1byone antenna looks good and is the most compact device of the bunch.

1byone Window Antenna

Pro: Affordable and good build quality, plus it can be installed anywhere, whether it is window, wall, or just on the table
Con: It is not able to intercept all local channels and setup is difficult for long-range signal reception

Versatile: This antenna works perfectly and comes with a good fit and finish despite its low price tag. The signal reception is also very good and proper if the range is not off the limits of this antenna. It is affordable and its versatility in installation( i.e., you can install it anywhere, in places such as windows, walls, or just on a table) makes it a unique antenna that delivers most of its promises. It is also a sleek and well-made product.



Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV antennas will probably be the best fit for most TV viewers who aren’t looking to spend a whole lot of money. The super low-noise amplifier and built-in reflector flaps make it easy to tune in distant stations, which is of vital importance to anyone living in an area where reception is marginal. While it may look small, the fact that most digital broadcasts are on UHF channels enables it to work without increasing its size. Those who might live in areas where they’re allowed to install bigger aerials could give the Winegard HD8200U a try. While it’s by and large superior to the smaller model, its bigger size might make it hard to install for some users. The difference is worth it, though.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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