When you listen to music, watch a movie or play a video game, you may feel that something is missing. With a great subwoofer, you will get the full experience. With their clear and loud sound as well as deep bass, they are a necessary piece of equipment for those who want to have a great home theater. Although all subwoofers look alike, they differ in how they sound. Another factor worth considering is their price, so there’s not always the need to spend a lot to get that amazing subwoofer experience. Let’s take a look at 7 amazing and affordable subwoofers.

Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer (Mahogany)

Pro: Powerful bass
Con: Not satisfying quality of adapter and cable

This subwoofer will give you really powerful, lush, and high-quality bass. It works at 100 Watts RMS and has the amplifier with a frequency response from 35Hz to 150Hz. It comes with stands and a mountain bracket so that you can set it up in any area. There is an option for an auto shut-off which activates after 2 minutes of not receiving any signal. However, you may want to get a new adapter and a proper subwoofer cable instead of using the ones coming with the package. Its price is around $115.

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Pro: Very affordable price
Con: 50 Watts RMS

Firstly, the speaker of PSW10 subwoofer is made of polypropylene so that it has great endurance. You’ll easily find a place for it, as this is a pretty compact subwoofer. Its bass power is unarguably up to snuff so that you’ll hear every rumble and thump. It will probably show its best performance in small and moderate-size rooms. For some, the fact that it runs at only 50 Watts RMS may be a con. As it costs around $130, it is a very affordable subwoofer providing you with a very deep and clear sound.

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed

Pro: Crossover of 3kHz
Con: Very small

Pioneer SW-8MK2 is a great subwoofer for home theaters. The crossover is 3kHz, which enables it to produce extended, clean, and well-rounded bass to provide you with complete pleasantness while you are watching a movie. It has a powerful 100-Watt amplifier so that you won’t miss anything. Pioneer SW-8MK2 is very flexible to install as it has high- and low-level inputs. This subwoofer also has detailed adjustments, which means various configuration options to suit your needs. Some have commented on its small size, but its terrific bass blows everyone away. The price starts from $150.


Pro: Up to 700 Watts of peak power
Con: Problems with the circuit board

This sub has great specifications and a very powerful amplifier. It works on 400 Watts but has 700 Watts of peak power. The frequency response of 25-150Hz allows the high-quality audio performance. With this subwoofer, you can play a movie and enjoy all the special effects with rich and resonant bass. It uses a patented JBL 12 PolyPlas driver to bring a clear sound, with less distortion and internal resonances. However, there have been some complaints about the circuit board which may be more prone to damages than in other models. When on sale, the price starts from $250.

Audioengine S8

Pro: Wireless ready
Con: Needs some time to loosen up

Audioengine S8 performs really well for movies, music and games. For instance, acoustic bass sounds smooth and clean, and there’s no boominess. It is a nicely compact sub that you can place even under your furniture. It is also wireless ready, but you will need the Audioengine W1 wireless audio adapter. This sub also needs some time to loosen up so that it sounds better after 50+ hours of using. To get the full experience from Audioengine S8, you should get a media player with a good equalizer. The price is around $349.

Klipsch R12SW

Pro: Great mixed performance
Con: Too large

The 12-inch driver of this sub allows it to produce impressively deep bass with almost no distortion. It has a satisfying mixed performance, so it is great both for music and home theaters. With movies, you’ll hear thunderous bass with no distortion, and with music, it delivers low and clear bass flawlessly. When you put it in auto mode, you may notice that it takes some time to turn on and start playing, which is not the case with some other subwoofers. The price for this one is around $425.

Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S

Pro: Customizable and low-frequency capabilities
Con: Too long to break-in periods

Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S is one of the most famous and best bass sounding subwoofers out there. It provides a deep and crisp bass experience, which is perfect for watching movies and imagining you are there in the middle of the action. It uses a variable crossover, which varies from 50 Hz to 150 Hz, which provides users with the options to customize their sound to their liking. The only possible downside might be that it needs too long break-in periods; according to some users, it may take up to 300 hours. It costs about $500.

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