Gone are the days of bulky chest strap to measure one’s heart rate. They have been replaced by the more swanky strapless heart rate monitor. Monitoring heart rate is a great option for beginners as well as professionals to pump out the necessary stamina at the right intensity, and many elite athletes use them when concerned about their health. One should make sure that they burn enough calories but not go overboard and risk injury to their health. There are many numerous examples of heart rate monitor, but people now tend to use strapless heart rate monitor because of the ease of use associated with it. Customers are spoilt for choices and so we have shortlisted a few of them for you. You will find something which fits your budget and also caters to your needs. Read on to find out.

Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor

Pro: An inexpensive product
Con: Misses on relative heart rate

Value For Money: We were quite happy with the product. It lived up to it’s level and did it’s work. Further features like stopwatch, clock, alarm and calendar are also appreciated. We were also happy with the fact that it is water resistant which would let you work out without any second thoughts over the ruggedness of the product. This also is a better piece than many of the much expensive products. Overall a great product for it’s price.

Mio LINK Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Band

Pro: Great design and ergonomics
Con: Misses on the clock

Quite The Looker: When you see this Mio product, you will feel delighted. It has the color and the vibe associated with the feel good feeling. It also has a 6 color LED but misses on the the accurateness of the product. Quite a few time it understated the reading. It also does not have clock support and it’s also not water resistant, so you could get in trouble with it. But it also has almost all the features to cater to your athletic needs.

ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch & Calorie Counter

Pro: The fit is quite good
Con: Battery life

Battery Missed: Well I am sorry to review this product. Yes It has a lot of very BIG problems. The worst problem I came across using this product was it’s battery life. It was simply disastrous. We were not at all happy with the product. It constantly disappointed us with it’s performance. It also did not show accurate readings, when compared with monitors. Other user’s experiences were also not good. Therefore we would suggest you to stay away from it. Period.


Pro: Offers customizable options like adding weight, height etc.
Con: Is not very consistent

Sometimes A Mixed Bag: We liked plenty of it’s features like addition of personal data like height, weight and age. It also displays average, max, and percentage of max heart rate. It also includes chest strap, for continuous heart rate monitoring. But sometimes during workout or even during not using it, it stopped working. This is it’s biggest problem. Then you have to reset it manually. It also loses data sometimes. This is a constant frustration for it’s user, and would be simply harmful to them during workout. This is the only problem which makes it very hard for us to recommend it.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch

Pro: Accurate heart rate monitor
Con: Little bit expensive

Black Knight: The product is good and accurately measures the heart rate. It also has all the important features, like clock and timer. It is also water resistant up to 30 meter. It also proved to be an exact fit. The looks of the watch was also a plus point. It could have been a very good product but for it’s high price. If spending more money is not a problem then you are going to be very happy with the product. It works well constantly and is the perfect partner during a workout. So, this is our list for strapless heart rate monitor. Indulge in one, and you will not be disappointed. It will be a perfect companion for your aerobics and athletics session. So what are you waiting for? Buy one and then GET, SET, and RUN…

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