There is no doubt that if one wants the best out of their DSLR cameras then it should be mounted on the right Steadicam. However choosing the right one could be a tough and difficult task given the fact that there are literally dozens of options available in the market. Hence in this article we will have a look at 19 such Steadicams and review them from various attributes. This will certainly help us to find out the best Steadicam for DSLR based on customer reviews and of course what they have to offer to customers in terms of value for money.

ImageNameTypeMax. WeightSpecs 

Editor’s Choice under $100 in Handheld
Handheld 2.1 lbsFor use with Point and Shoot, DSLRs, Video Cameras, GoPros, Smartphone and any other camera up to 2.1 lbs Elite Low Profile Comfort Handle Edition - with a lower center of balance making stabilization even easier.
Neewer Portable FilmMaker System

Editor’s Choice under $100 in Shoulder Mount
Shoulder Mount-- Customized design for adding/replacing component(s) in some specialized occasions for film-making
- Ergonomic design, angle and position adjustments enabled
- Suitable for 1/4 "screw-holes digital SLR cameras and camcorders
DJI Ronin M 3 Handheld8 lbsRonin-M Transmitter (Controller) - Ronin-M 4S Battery - Battery Charger - Handle Bar - Turning Stand - Cable Pack - Micro-USB Cable - Camera Mounting Plate - 2x Camera Screw A (1/4"-20) - 2x Camera Screw B (3/8"-16) - 2x Camera Screw C (1/4"-20) - 2 x Camera Screw D (3/8"-16) - Lens Support Screw - Lens Support - 3x Allen Wrenches - DJI 1 Year Warranty

Editor’s Choice under $300
Handheld 13.2 lbs• Dual Gimbal Handgrips
• Net Weight:1.6kg
• Load Capacity: 6kg
• Twin Grips for Multi-Operator Shooting
• 1/4"-20 Camera Screw
• 3/8"-16 & 1/4"-20 Accessory Threads
Neewer 24" Handheld StabilizerHandheld 6.0 lbsAccept any camera with 1/4" and 3/8".

It can be extended from 15.2" to 24" to adapt to the weight of the camera.
DSLR Flycam NanoHandheld 4.4 lbsStabilizer weight : 3.5lb

Weight of one weight disc : 4oz
Length of Stabilizer : 14.5" Complete Length with telescopic : 22.5"

Top plate dimensions : 7" (L) x 4"(L)

Diameter of sled : 23mm

Movo Photo SG100 Video Shoulder Support Rig for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders

Pro: Lightweight and holds the camera very well
Con: Created for smaller cameras

The SG100 Video Shoulder Support Rig for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders from Movo is the entry level for beginners who want to experience the art of professional photography. One notable thing is that you have to get this with the counterweights for maximum efficiency. A great deal considering the price.

Videook 0.2-3lb Stabilizer Sled Steadycam

Pro: Comes with a smartphone mount
Con: Takes time to learn proper calibration

“Find fun in video” – this is the philosophy in mind when Videook created the Stabilizer Sled Steadycam. The weight of the stabilizer is light enough for ease in transport, yet it has sufficient weight in balancing any equipment attached to it. One of its plus side is that it comes with a smart phone holder, which can be another medium the user can use as a backup, or can experiment on. It comes with a set of weight and a carrying bag for transport. For its price, the Videook Steadicam stabilizer is a value for your money’s worth.

Jiale DSLR Stabilizer F Video Camera Stabilizer

Pro: A simple but effective low end stabilizer
Con: Limited shelf life

It is a very basic model of stabilizer which can handle around 1.5 kg at the maximum. It is suitable for DSLR cameras, GOPRO and micro single cameras. However, for GOPRO some bit of customization may be required. Though the aluminum alloy material might look good when buying, it wears off after a few years of use. However, the handle is quite flexible and universal head is also something that makes is very user friendly and versatile. It also has other features which could help in increasing the equilibrium of the camera for better and more stable shooting.

Opteka X GRIP EX MK II Video Action Stabilizing Handle

Pro: Has marvelous swivel features
Con: It is unstable and many users do not believe it can hold heavy and costly video and camcorders

It goes a long way to give stability to the expensive video camera though there are many who have other views on it. The design features go a long way in reducing stress especially when shooting on long sessions. The quality of the high quality aluminum has to be seen to be believed. It too has a unique tripod mountable feature which sets it apart from other such models available in the market. It is worth the money that is being paid for it? The answer is a big yes and it offers much more than the best value for money.

Pro Steady Rig System for DSLR with Shoulder Mount

Pro: Extremely versatile and rugged
Con: The knobs for adjusting bars break easily

Are you looking for a transformable style of stabilizer to help in different styles of shooting? Then this particular model would be best suited. It also is extremely portable and can be folded. Hence carrying it around long distances is not a big problem. The hand grips are uniquely designed and very well crafted. They are adjustable and rotatable making it very convenient even when used in rough surface. The hand grips come with a non-slip rest pad which again is unique and different. On the whole it is a great buy.

OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO (Limited EditionMidnight Black With Low Profile Handle)

Pro: Handheld stabilizer
Con: First-time setup takes 20 minutes

Amongst the various features which make this stabilizer quite popular is the hand-held operations feature. Though it is handheld it is quite stable because of the unique handheld low profile comfort features. It is extremely suited for those who are starting film shooting and would like to move to the next level after mastering the basics so to say. Compared to various other handheld stabilizers, there is no doubt that this is best in the price range in which it is available. On the whole a great buy at the price at which it is available.

S40 40cm 0.4M Handheld Stabilizer, EC™ Steadicam for The Camcorder Video DV DSLR Camera

Pro: Super carry bag
Con: Quite heavy at around 1.80 lbs

It is considered to be one of the most powerful stabilizers for the price at which it is available. It is very flexible and versatile and therefore suited for stable shooting with almost all video and camcorders. It has one of the best low friction joints and top quality and high performing bearings. Hence according to many users it could be considered one of the best stabilizers which could be used for a big variety of models and brands of camcorders, DSLR cameras, DVs and much more. In short, it is a stabilizer which offers the best value for money.

Neewer 24″/60cm Handheld Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate 1/4″ and 3/8″ Screw for Video Cameras and DSLR

Pro: High-quality materials are used
Con: The left-right adjustment is not proper

Amongst the various features what makes this one special is the quick release plate. It can easily accept any camera with 1/4 and 3/8 rolling shutter speeds. It can handle weights ranging from 1.5 kilograms to 2.7 kilograms. It is also famous for having some of the best stretch adjustment ratio resulting in lesser clumping of photographs. It is made from high grade aluminum and easy to port around because of its light weight. At the end of the day it offers good value for money to its customers.

Neewer Portable FilmMaker System With Camera/Camcorder Mount

Pro: Dual Hand Grip And Soft Shoulder Pad
Con: Installing could be a pain and time consuming

For many decades Neewer has been known for marketing quality stabilizers for DSLR cameras. This particular model is also quite attractive. Though it is quite competitively priced it compares with the high end models in terms of features and functionalities. Does it really beat the big names hands down? If customer reviews are to be believed it certainly does so. It is very lightweight and perfectly suited for those who are beginning their camera shooting life. It is also very apt when there is a need to shoot for long hours at a stretch.

IMORDEN Carbon FiberS-40c Handheld Stabilizer for Video Camera and DSLR

Pro: High class carbon fiber body and rubber handle
Con: May not be suitable for heavier cameras

There are many reasons why customers find this stabilizer so very popular. One big reason is the height adjusting capability depending on the weights of the cameras. It also comes with the quick release plate which makes installing the camera that much easier and user friendly. The handle is the specialty and it is the result of good research and has been designed taking into account specific needs and requirements of the photographers. Worried about warranty? Not to bother because it comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

Pro: Superb Back to back and side to side SV-HD moving platform
Con: Skills needed to be learnt to operate the Stabilizer

It is feature rich and allows for both high angle and low angle shooting. It has moving parts which have very little friction points and has precision bearings which are of the best quality. It also comes with a unique height adjustment feature which helps absorb weight and puts less strain on the user. It comes with six weight discs which can be removed when needed. This plays a big role in improving stability of the stabilizer.

Neewer WD-Z Purely Joint Bearing Mechanical Stabilizer Oscillating Bearing DSLr Stabilizer

Pro: High quality material made from carbon fiber which is very light
Con: The Left right adjustment is poorly finished

The steadicam stands out as far as the quality of the material that is used. The weights are simply superb and are made from pure metal pieces. The adjustments features are excellent. It is very user friendly and easy to operate. It also comes with a large loading capacity and can handle around 18 pounds, which is quite attractive. Isn’t it? It is also compatible with a number of leading brands and can be considered as a one stop solution for those who are on the lookout for one of the best steadicam for DSLR.

DVC 17837 DSLR Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer with Free Quick Release

Pro: Quick balancing
Con: Cheap construction of the quick release plate

The Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer from DVC is one of the entry level DSLR camera stabilizer created for the beginner and novice photographer in mind. It comes with a number of weights so you can fine tune the rig to your comfort. Using an ultra-wide lens angle is what would really make this rig stand out. The only downside is that it’s that the base plate is made from cheap plastic, but the good part is that it is not a necessity in using the rig. All in all, the Flycam Nano Camera Stabilizer is a well built product which is half the price for most of its contemporaries in the market today.

Ikan CineFly Cinema DSLR Camera Shoulder Rig (ELE-CNFLY-DSLR)

Pro: The rig feels like a natural extension of the human arm
Con: Gets quite heavy once you attach the Blackmagic to the rig

Your art in an extension of yourself – this is the philosophy that drives Ikan to create the CineFly Cinema DSLR Camera Shoulder Rig. The CineFly gives a much more natural feel for the photographer because the rig is cleverly incorporated as an extension of the arms. The handles are fully adjustable to the user’s desired position, and have a built in record button in the handle which is a plus for remote use. For the price, the CineFly offers a lot of flexibility and advantages that truly places it at top value – a real steadicam for DSLR winner.

3-Axis HHG5D EagleEye DSLR Camera Handheld Stabilize Gimbal w/ Alexmos 32Bit BGC

Pro: Very light
Con: Battery and charger not included

With a lot of available options for handheld DSLR stabilizers out there, the HHG5D from EageEye had made it clear that you do not need to sacrifice quality for price. The HHG5D is well built, comprising of aluminium and carbon fiber for the lightest possible weight (1790 g). The only downside is that it does not include the battery and charger. If you are looking for a good stabilizer and is on a tight budget, then the HHG5D is for you.

Feiyu Tech Feiyu-MG 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer for Mirrorless Cameras, 360 Degree Pan, Tilt and Roll

Pro: One-button feature for easy unction operation
Con: The plates do not fit some camera types

The MG 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer for mirror less cameras from Feiyu has all the advantages of a solidly built DSLR camera stabilizer minus the additional weight. It has a one-button feature for easy operation of all the available functions and a four-directional joystick to navigate the camera angles. A single-handed upright and two-handed inverted configuration is available making it possible for the photographer to keep their arm in a more natural position while trying to achieve any angled shots. It also has a vibrate function, which notifies the user if he is not balanced or in a wrong setting. The battery life lasts for up to 6 hours, which is very long compared to others in the market today. The MG 3-Axis is easily one of the bang for the buck steadicams in the market today.

Laing Loads 2-8 kg Lightweight Steadicam X20 Arm V4 Vest System M30s Carbon Fiber Camera Video Stabilizer for DSLR

Pro: Less pressure because of the equal distribution of weight along the vest
Con: Could use a thicker carrying case

When professional photography peripherals are mentioned, Laing is one of the companies that is often brought to the topic by most professional photographers because of their numerous products that are both functional and takes into deep consideration the photographer’s comfort. With this, they have come up with the new Loads 2-8 kg Lightweight Steadicam. The set includes a metal vest, dual arm, stabilizer, docking bracket, counterweights, and other tools and accessories. The vest is actually made of nylon for the photographer’s maximum comfort during long shoots. The secret lies in the balanced distribution of weight to various parts of the body, relieving the pressure and stress on one single part. You can also add or remove counterweights depending on your requirement. A great addition to any professional photographer’s arsenal.

Nebula 4200 5-axis Gimbal Dslr Camera Mount Stabilizer Gyroscope Stabilizer for 5DRS 5D3 5D2 A7S

Pro: Lightweight
Con: Takes time to learn proper calibration

Filmpower was the first company to introduce in the market the concept of a compact stabilization system with a practical handle. Since then, a lot of upgrades and innovations have taken place, hence the Nebula 4200. With the weight of only 1.2 Kg, you have the flexibility of holding it by one or two hands – a filmmakers dream with regards to freedom of movement and portability. Its 5-axis system assures zero shake control and readiness for rugged use in any filming environment. It has a replaceable smart battery which runs for over four hours and will power other devices. It is also Apple and Android compatible via USB. It also comes with a protective case, ensuring safety in travel. A must have for any filmmaker who wants more freedom in his craft.

DJI Ronin M 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Pro: Compact and weighs half the original Ronin
Con: No carrying case

Total freedom: this word summarizes what the M3 Axis Stabilizer From DJI Ronin has to offer. Being only 5 pounds, the M 3-Axis is almost half the weight of the original Ronin. The M 3-Axis is equipped with the upgraded Auto Tune Stability (ATS) which makes it a breeze to capture any subject. The battery lasts up to 6 hours under regular use. And the great part about the M 3-Axis is that it is very compact so you can take it anywhere with you, you just have to find a suitable carrying case for it since it does not come with any. Over all, the M 3-Axis is a powerful tool that will add a lot of creativity in your work.

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