Planning a road trip is already quite troublesome. Your friends or family in your car will sooner or later get bored. Want to relieve them of this boredom trouble. Get on with a portable DVD player. They can also come in handy if you are looking for a secondary media player and it also works if you are not satisfied with your in-car entertainment. To help you with your plannings, we have shortlisted a few DVD players for our review. Scroll down for more insight…

Envizen Duo Box Pro 7″ Portable LCD TV/DVD Player

Pro: A value for money product
Con: Screen is too small for our liking

The Mini Powerhouse: This portable DVD player offers everything which you desire from a player. It is very inexpensive, offers a built-in digital tuner card. The build of the player is also decent. In our review we found it to handle videos quite well. The small screen might potentially turn off many customers. If you were looking for a really small player, this is perfect for you. Go buy this and you would not regret your decision.


Pro: Inexpensive product
Con: Video playback is not smooth

Stuttering Speed: A 13.3 inch player with LCD display is a good DVD player under $100 except for the stuttering display. Video playback is not smooth, and it constantly freezes over a deal of time. The screen quality is also not so good. We would be better off if not buying this.

Sylvania SDVD1332 13.3″

Pro: Large 13.3-inch screen
Con: Quality is not up to the mark

The Large Player: This Portable DVD comes occupied with a 13.3-inch screen. It has a resolution of 1280×800 and has a TFT LCD screen. It is a lightweight player which makes it suitable to take in cars or be used as a secondary media player. It recognizes almost all the format and the screen quality is also decent, the only problem with it is its build quality which looks kind of flimsy.

Azend Portable DVD player

Pro: Integrated tuner card which lets it be used as a portable TV
Con: The antenna is not sturdy

The Portable TV: One of the most notable features of the product is the built-in digital tuner card which makes it a carry around TV. The battery is not as good as it is supposed to be. It worked for almost 140 mins before it needed another charge. Though the screen resolution is not as sharp as it is supposed to be, the screen is vivid. The antenna could have been made a lot sturdier.

Sylvania SDVD9957 Dual 9″ Screen

Pro: Dual screen
Con: Everything else

Dual Screen: This is the most innovative product. You would get a dual screen player, but different videos cannot be played on each screen. The player is poorly executed. The build quality is not up to the mark, and the playback is also not smooth. Now, the idea of the dual screen is quite good, but it needs some time to be more refined. Till that time, you would be better off without this product.

Philips PD9016/37 9-inch Portable LCD Dual DVD player

Pro: Dual screen is executed finely
Con: Not value conscious

Brand DVD player: Philips dual screen player is nicely executed. It looks good and also plays well. Unlike it’s Sylvania Counterpart, it lets you play different videos on each screen. The playback is also smooth. The screen also looks good and so does the battery. The only thing keeping us from recommending it is its price. In this price, you could buy two different players which would serve the purpose better than the dual screen player.

Sony DVP-FX980 9″

Pro: Excellent overall product
Con: Expensive

The Beast Of Player: The Sony DVP – FX9800 is one hell of a portable DVD player. We were impressed with the video and sound quality of the player. The player handled any format of video with ease. The build of the player is also very good. The sound which came through headphones or without them also were very detailed and pleasing. The battery life is also quite good. You get almost 4 hours of playback before you need to charge it. Plus you also get Sony’s assurance and 1-year warranty. If money is not a problem get this one for sure. You will be happy with your decision as it is an overall product.

So, you got the player you were looking for. Don’t hesitate to go on a trip as you will have a portable DVD player for the company this time around.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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