If you are a freelance developer or are constantly on the go, then the need for a laptop computer simply cannot be stressed enough. In today’s fast paced business environment, in all certainty, besides the actual development and coding, you are also required to handle business development as well. This means that there are going to be a lot of meetings, client interactions and get togethers. In a jam packed schedule such as this, there certainly are going to be times when you are going to feel the need for a powerful and a portable device, that can get a lot of your work done while you are on the go.

Most laptop computers today come equipped with hardware, that can multitask well. Laptop computers can easily rival the performance of a desktop and the added portability will stand out as a significant advantage. Ideally as a developer, a laptop that has at least 8GB or more of memory, a large capacity hard drive to run all your virtual machines with a processor that is known to be a multi tasker, is essential.

So let’s jump to review at some great laptops that should handle your programming and coding duties efficiently.

ON THE BUDGET Laptops For Programming And Coding

HP 15-ay013nr

Pro: Great selection of economical yet powerful components in the hardware department, full HD screen.
Con: The lack of a dedicated GPU may show, when working with certain applications.

An excellent budget based laptop from HP, the 15, is designed to excel at running multiple applications fluently. This is just what you need if you are a developer on the go who is constantly working with IDE s and other SDKs. The laptop has a 15.6 inch full HD screen and has 8gb of DDR3 RAM. At the heart of the system is the core i5 dual core processor that should run applications that use multiple cores smoothly. The onboard Intel Graphics can handle some of the basic graphics intensive applications really well. The system is equipped with a full HD screen.

HP Pavilion 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Premium Laptop

Pro: Superb value for money for the performance, has a dedicated video graphics unit.
Con: No full HD screen, no SSD.

This is an all economical build by HP that looks really good. The architecture of this build is centered around AMD parts, a wise choice given the fact that they can rival the performance of Intel processors at a cheaper price. The processor is a 1.8ghz quad core that has no problems in handling multi core applications. The 8gb of RAM ensures that there are no bottlenecks with regards to memory availability. The 1TB hard drive space is going to take care of all system and personal files, alike. A multi touch display that is 15.6 inches large, driven by the on board AMD radeon R4 graphics with 4GB of video memory is the highlight of this model. Designed in a beautiful purple colour and equipped with ample connectivity, this is well and truly a worthy presence in the economy segment.

Best Laptops For Programming And Coding UNDER $800


Pro: Built as a dedicated gaming machine, so it will not have any problems running development environments smoothly, phenomenal value for money, the dedicated Nvidia card is going to be of help should you choose to run modeling softwares.
Con: At this price point and specification, there are not many things that stand out as cons in such a well balanced system.

Asus is a well respected name that is featured a lot in technology news for all the right reasons. One of the best laptops for coding and development that you could possibly come across, the Asus k501 is fantastically fast and powerful. To begin with, it has the i7-6500 CPU under the hood. This is matched by the Nvidia GTX 960M GPU and a very capable, 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The full HD 1920*1080 matte finished screen makes both programming and entertainment, absolutely fun. Packed with a 512GB SSD, this laptop has, a smart dual fan cooling system. Accommodating all of these features while still managing to tip the scales at just a little over 4 pounds and at a superb price range, Asus have just successfully redefined the words “value for money” with the K501.

Lenovo Z51

Pro: A good powerhouse at a very affordable price, dedicated GPU, good JBL audio.
Con: A solid state hard drive would have done a lot of justice to the wonderful specs of this laptop.

Another brilliant new addition to the sub $800 segment of programming laptops, the Lenovo performance laptop computer is powered by an Intel i7-5200U, with turbo boost functionality. Featuring 8gb of DDR3 RAM and a 1TB 5400 rpm, this laptop has all the basic powerparts that you would need while running your development environments without any lag whatsoever. The system also is equipped with a dedicated GPU, in the form of the Ati Radeon R7 and has a full HD 15.6 inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1920*1080. Also equipped with ample connectivity and USB 3.0 ports, this is a great presence by Lenovo in this segment.

Best PROFESSIONAL Laptops For Programming And Coding

HP Omen Pro

Pro: The Omen pro is a powerful and a versatile multi tasker, dedicated Nvidia GPU, processor that has the provision of being overclocked to 3.7ghz from the stock 2.4ghz.
Con: Although this qualifies as an ultra book, by putting in just a couple of hundred dollars more, you can get better full-fledged powerhouses with the 6 Series Intel i7 processor and 4K resolution screen.

The Hp Omen pro is a professional grade equipment through and through. The versatility of this machine begins with the Intel Core i7 processor that runs a stock bus speed of 2.40ghz, that can be boosted to 3.70 ghz when required. This power of the i7 processor is matched by the 16gb RAM and the Nvidia K1100M, really well. The Omen is an all rounder that packs a punch in the CPU and the GPU department. Featuring a full HD 15.6 inch touchscreen with an anti glare finish, the HP has ample storage space with the 512 GB SSD drive, offering lightning fast data transfer speeds. This is an extremely well balanced system for someone who needs plenty of power and multitasking ability when working with multiple programming tools and development environments.

MacBook Air 13.3-Inch

Pro: One of the best looking laptops at this price point, a great platform to get started on developing for Apple environments.
Con: There are other choices packing more power under the hood from the competition, with the Windows based platform at this price, if you are not predominantly an iOS developer.

In retrospect, the Macbook ‘Air’ series was the forerunner of the ultrabook trend, back in the day. Its sleek and unbelievably powerful internals paved the way for the segment that comprises of sleek yet powerful laptop computers today. Sporting an incredibly thin aluminium body, the Macbook air is a looker. Equipped with a 13.3 inch screen, with a maximum screen resolution of 1400*900. The processor is a 1.6ghz core M that is well optimized with a proprietary operating system and other custom made software from Apple. The 8 GB of RAM, gives the Macbook air, plenty of multi tasking ability and the 128GB pci-e based storage makes the already fast laptop, peppier. If you are a dedicated developer for iOS and other Apple computer platforms then this is a must have system. It is virtually impossible to get such a beautifully made system that is so fast, good looking and attractively priced as the Macbook air. The fact that this laptop can run virtual machines and IDE without any hiccups, make it an ideal choice for a Apple developer who loves portability, as well. This one indeed feels as light as air!

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