The in-ceiling speakers are an excellent alternative for those who value quality and comfort above anything else. The benefits of this kind of speakers are pretty obvious: you can install them without sacrificing a lot of space and any professional help; also, the majority of them have grill covers that can be painted to match the style and color of any room. All in all, the in-ceiling speakers bring high-quality sound to every room without taking up any space. Find the best brands, top quality, and the most popular products in this comprehensive list based on the real customer’s experience to be sure that you know all the pros and cons of the product before actually buying it.

Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5″ 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

Pro: Great sound quality and the bass output, low price, small size
Con: The speakers lack clarity

Meet the best balance of cost, quality, and performance from Yamaha: these speakers priced just right for the homeowners that have no desire to spend thousand on speakers, but are looking for a good quality sound. With the pair of these speakers, you can enjoy your favorite music and movies without worrying about the quality of the music performance. Moreover, you won’t have any problems with the installation.

Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way

Pro: Best quality for money, affordable price, easy to install and use
Con: Speaker grill is pretty hard to remove, lack the high frequencies

An affordable option for everyone: this stylish pair of speakers won’t break your budget, yet you can’t expect to get the professional quality of sound for this money. In general, they are pretty good when you are watching the movies, but you won’t notice the difference while listening to music. But if you primary goal is to by small, almost invisible in-ceiling speakers and not to spend big money, this is your best choice so far.

Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers

Pro: Good quality for the money
Con: Average clarity and dynamic range

Unbeatable for their price: One more relatively cheap option that worth a shot if you are not looking for professional gadgets yet want to enjoy the high-quality sound. The installation of these speakers will be like a walk in a park; and the music experience is going to be unforgettable.

Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers

Pro: Famous brand, the unusual design
Con: Pretty hard to install, average sound with a lack of timbre; no treble and no bass

It’s all about brand loyalty: ask anybody who is fond of music about Bose brand. 4 out 5 people will answer that they are simply the best. However, it is not the case with the new speakers from Bose. The newly released speakers were meant to impress customers with a perfect blend of price and professional sound, but this didn’t happen. In addition to the average sound quality, you can receive the frustration from the installation process and other problems. So think twice before making a final choice.

Yamaha Natural Sound Custom Easy-to-install In-Ceiling Flush Mount 2-Way 120 watts

Pro: The crystal clear sound with a decent amount of bass, easy to fit
Con: Average design

Ordinary speakers that can exceed your expectations: at first, you may found them too ordinary, but if you give these Yamaha speakers a try, you are going to be impressed. Once you optimize the system for a proper balance, the overall sound will be perfect. The great quality for the price, easy installation, sharp and clean sound – all these make them a leading option among the best in-ceiling speakers for this year.

Klipsch R-5502-W II In-Wall LCR Speaker

Pro: Easy to install, great first rate sound even after years of regular use
Con: With dimensions 8 x 8 x 17.8 inches and weight of more than 6 pounds can be a little bit big for a small apartment

Attractive speakers with beautiful thin bezel facade: with a nice crisp sound and modern design, these speakers are designed to deliver the high-quality music performance just as the artists and movie-makers intended. Enjoy your favorite top hits from today’s hot artist or just released movies with a sound quality worth the cinema or recording studio.

Klipsch R-1650-W In-Wall System #6

Pro: Easy to use, excellent performance reliability as well as durability
Con: High price

The speaker that brings dynamic acoustic performance to every house: The professional sound system from Klipsch is created for the real music fans. We bet you couldn’t use any other devices just after you indulge yourself with the first rate sound of these in-ceiling speakers!

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*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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