If you are searching the market for the best laptop you can use for gaming, you should know that you will have to make a fairly good investment. Before you begin your research, it is probably a good idea to start by setting your budget and to get a decent laptop for gaming, the amount around $1500 is probably good enough to find a laptop you will not be disappointed with. These are the recommendations of laptops that are best for gaming, with a high- speed, powerful processor and excellent graphics.


Pro: Super fast
Con: Severe inherent flaws

Most customers claim that this is the best laptop in this price range that has all the necessary specifications (backlit keyboard, quad core 17).This is a great choice for a laptop with a good configuration and also a reasonable price I wanted to get a very good configuration laptop at a reasonable price. Many five star reviews prove that getting this laptop is the right decision. However, many customers seemed to have had the same problem as soon as a few weeks after getting this laptop – the constant appearance of a blue screen with the message “Driver Power State Failure” and the computer getting stuck of a BIOS loop. Many customers decided to send the laptop back.

Apart from this problem that occurs in some of the laptops of this model, this is still an excellent laptop I really could not be happier with it as a low budget gaming laptop. The negative reviews all happen to be for the DS74 model that is failure prone, so the DS71 model is much more reliable. This version is not known to have caused any malfunctions for either general use or gaming. The system of cooling is particularly amazing. Boot time is impressive as well, and with HDD it runs in under a minute.

Alienware AW17R3-1675SLV

Pro: Gaming performance is exceptional
Con: Bad trackpad, SSD needed

Many reviews prove that some of the customers were not amazed with this laptop. The main complaint was the weak WiFi and quite unstable WiFi connection – disconnecting and connecting again every ten minutes. Even downloading new drivers did not improve the WiFi adapters. Also it is advisable to install a 256gb SSD as the performance without a SSD standard HDD is unacceptable for the main boot or OS applications drive.

One of the complaints concerning the performance that was claimed to be exceptional for gaming, is the low quality of the trackpad buttons – especially of the left – click one that was in some cases unresponsive no matter of the amount pressure applied to it. It possible that this occurred in a few samples only.

Other thing to consider is its size – a 17″ laptop, but with this kind of performance that size is quite regular. The monitor has an impressive graphics, even when you compare it to the macbook’s retina, which has a higher resolution.

Alienware 15 FHD

Pro: Compatible with the Alienware Graphic Amplifier, great performance, beautiful IPS 1080p screen
Con: Regular hard drive, battery life, bulky

This is an incredible laptop, however, an option of upgrading to the 980, its more compatible 4k gpu could have been included. Even with this small disadvantage, it is still an excellent laptop with the highest amount of power you can demand from a laptop. A considerable number of people buy this laptop as desktop replacement and if they get tired of the overheating problems that high performance plague thin laptops might have. This laptop shows the same problems but with a cooling system, you can play games for hours without it overheating and being put to harm. A good option is a cooling pad or 2x Opolar nc05 usb fans . This prevents the laptop reaching high temperatures and even doubles the frames per second which can sometimes make the difference of a game being playable or non playable.

Some users, however, were disappointed after an upgrade to Windows 10, when the problems with the shutdown and start up started to appear, and also the problem with the dreaded blue screen, even with all available driver and Windows updates installed.


Pro: Vivid colors, great performance, a DVD with the backup utilities
Con: None!?

This laptop is absolutely incredible and practically cannot be compared to others. First of all is shipped in triple packaging: the outside box for shipping, the inside box for retail, and a gift box. It comes with a protection cloth for protecting of the screen, a charger, the scratch protector for protecting the touch-pad of a glass-type, a DVD with included backup utilities. All the accessories are conveniently packaged inside of the gift box. The screen is absolutely amazing. It has the high resolution and quite vivid colors which make the picture look perfectly crisp. The only complaint is that it could have been a little brighter.

The design and quality of build is the first thing that draws customers’ attention to this laptop. The great monochrome coloring is perfect if you use it either for gaming or generally. The quality of build quality is quite solid. As far as the screen is concerned, it is quite thin, however the flex is not noticeable in any amount when it is either being closed or opened. Another advantage among all the before mentioned, is that it is really lightweight and practical.


All things considered, and shortly said, the perfect gaming laptop should be compact enough and convenient to carry around, and still versatile enough in order to run applications demanded. We also have a review of engineering laptop on a cheaper side. You should make certain that you investigate all the features, together with advantages and disadvantages in order to decide what would best suit your needs and requirements. Also, in addition to that, it is useful and highly recommended to browse through forums and user reviews to see and learn about the experiences and possible issues that may occur with a specific model.

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