DSLR, Digital Single-Lens Reflex, cameras are among the most consistent and reliable shooters in the market. Because they have the largest image sensors, you will be able to capture high-quality photographs – particularly in low lighting. DSLR cameras have removable lenses so that a lot of different optics can be attached to get a different view of the world. With the lens variety, you can build up from simple lenses to sharper and more varied ones as you advance in photography. Whether you are new to the world of photography or want to upgrade, here is a list of the best DSLR under 1000 dollars.

Canon EOS Rebel T5

Pro: Has a compact design and is lightweight.
Con: Does not have an external mic jack.

If you are a beginner in photography, you should purchase the Canon T5. With a high-resolution 18MP sensor and superior HD video recording, this camera is a great entrant in the Canon EOS system. It comes with solidly built third party lenses that allow you to take many types of shots. The bower tripod, on the other hand, is not very impressive. It is made from a very cheap material, which makes it very shaky. When you raise the tripod head to take vertical shots, the camera falls over with the tripod.

LYTRO ILLUM 40 camera

Pro: It has great effects.
Con: It has limited image quality.

This camera has a bright, large, and highly functional touch screen with intuitive menus. It thrives on having proportionally large distances between far and nearby objects; this makes the perspective shift appealing. LYTRO ILLUM 40 produces very large file sizes for RAW and xRAW photographs, which makes processing slow even on the fastest computers. The camera freezes a lot, requiring hard shutdowns that involve battery removals and restarts.

Nikon D7100 DSLR

Pro: Excellent LSD screen.
Con: The lock buttons are fiddly.

The Nikon D7100 has a solid feel, thanks to a polycarbonate and magnesium alloy blend that gives it a lightweight yet hardy shell. With a 24.1 MP sensor that supports full HD video recording, you will be able to capture high-quality images. The D7100 introduces a few new features, including Spot White Balance, which allows you to set white balance for entire scenes and a redesigned LSD screen, which promises clearer images. The downside of this camera is that its high-resolution fills up the SD cards much faster.

Canon Rebel T6i Camera

Pro: It has a very fast autofocus.
Con: Its battery life is below average.

This DSLR camera makes shooting videos and capturing photos a breeze. With a high-resolution 24.2 MP sensor, you will be able to capture crisp, natural-looking, and finely detailed photographs. In terms of ergonomics, the T6i is almost similar to its predecessor – this is not a bad thing. The camera is comfortable and lightweight enough to hang around your neck as you wait for the perfect moment to capture an image. Even though it is not a groundbreaking camera, it introduces new features to the tried-and-tested Canon characteristics; this results in a well-rounded and nice entry-level camera.

Nikon D5500 DSLR

Pro: Has a quick autofocus system.
Con: Lacks control buttons.

This camera has the same resolution – 24.2MP – as its predecessor. Like the D5300, it also lacks an optical low-pass filter, which allows the sensor to resolve higher levels of detail. Nonetheless, the absence of the filter affects the images by adding moiré patterning – which happens when shooting objects with recurring patterns. The D5500 has good Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect smart devices to it.

Pentax K-3 DSLR

Pro: Has a high ISO image quality.
Con: It is slow to start.

The Pentax K-3 is packed with many neat features. Its top-notch build quality is ideal, making it possible for the camera to withstand oil, sand, and dust. The focusing of this camera is great no matter which lighting you are shooting in; it has accurate but slow focusing. The Pentax K-3 has an amazing lineup of lenses.

Pentax K-3II DSLR

Pro: Has a weather-sealed, solid design.
Con: Has no Wi-Fi or NFC.

This camera has the same body as its predecessor. The most noticeable change is the removal of the flash strobe, which was previously atop the viewfinder prism. Some view the removal of this feature as an advantage, but others find it disadvantageous. The key features of the K-3II include Pixel Shift Resolution technology, Diffraction Correction, and reduced noise.

Canon EOS 70d

Pro: Great image quality.
Con: The Live View AF is suited for slow moving objects only.

The Canon 70d features a DIGIC 5+ image processor as well as an APS-C CMOS sensor to ensure great low-light sensitivity and high-resolution images. The processor and sensor work in conjunction to produce clear and well-detailed images that show natural tonality. The camera is a vast upgrade from the previous one as it combines great features with better-quality movie motion tracking. With a polycarbonate body plus a stainless steel undercarriage, this camera has a superb construction.

Nikon D5300 DSLR

Pro: Good build quality.
Con: Built-in 2.5mm mic socket

At first glance, this camera resembles the D5200. However, some big upgrades make it a better option for serious beginners in photography. The high-resolution 24.2MP sensor is one of the big changes. When viewed, the JPEG and RAW images shot with this camera are sharper than those shot by the D5200. The GPS function, however, is not that impressive.


Pro: Has a super fast AF.
Con: Dense menu system

Sony A77II is a large camera, and its importance is affirmed both in the design and weight distribution. It has a large grip that enables users to hold on without fear of dropping it. One mode keeps you locked on the target even when an obstacle gets in the way. The camera has many ergonomic improvements, including customizable buttons. The biggest drawback of this camera is that it has a very high JPG output, which forces the user to use RAW format. If you want a camera with GPS, you should look elsewhere because Sony got rid of GPS in favor of Wi-Fi.

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