In the modern world, everything tends to get smaller but more powerful. One typical example is our personal computers. Back then for you to get the best processors and all your needed peripherals your computing system or desktop setup literally fills up half the room you use. Thanks to the modern advancements in technology the laptop is born. But some of us still believes that the desktop still holds far more powerful processors, can safeguard your data better, and can be upgraded and specifically tuned to the user’s preferences or needs. In short, some PC users still believe that the laptop is far inferior to the desktop, and this is where we will draw the line. The modern laptop have all the advantages that your desktop computer can never give you – portability for once! And like its predecessor, laptop nowadays can be customized to the user’s preference. But what should we look for in a laptop that will replace your desktop computer?

Screen resolution: This may be one of the primary aspect that you would look for in a home computer because its primary use would be for watching movies or video streams and for gaming. It is preferable that you get the bigger sized screens such as those with 17″ and a resolution of 1920 X 1080.

Speed: There are a lot of processors available out there. With processors ranging from the Top-of-the-line Core2 Extreme to the entry level AMD Sempron, you should consider getting the fastest one that fits your budget. This would come in handy especially if you plan running the latest games on your desktop replacment laptop.

Battery life: Of course this is one of the biggest factor that should be considered when choosing your laptop especially if you are going to use it for gaming or other software that require some heavy processing. A well-built machine with an adequate power supply would give you long hours of work and enjoyment on your unit, be it in your home or on the road.

Storage space: Especially if your unit would be a home laptop, a big storage space is necessary because the entire family will use that single machine for all the pictures, movie downloads, songs etc. Also, a laptop that has the ability to house two or more hard drives is a plus so that you can separate your important files to those of the other users.

Now there you have it. So before rushing to the nearest shop to look for a replacement for your beloved Mark 1, here are our best picks for the best desktop replacement laptops.

Desktop Replacement Laptops Under $1500

Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A

Pro: Very durable rugged exterior excellent for everyday use and abuse.
Con: The bottom stand is made of hard plastic which provides very little traction so the laptop may slide if you are going to use this on the living room table or any smooth surfaced area.

Known for making great gaming laptops, Acer is a brand that often comes to mind when “budget meets performance” aspect is considered. The Predator 17’s rugged exterior is made of matt rubber over plastic with the accent of red elements which signifies that this machine is made for heavy gaming (at this point, i’m sure your kids already tugging your sleeves to get this one) and of course everyday use and abuse. The keyboard is backlit the same as its logo and the accented lines on both sides of its top cover. Located on its left side are 2 USB 3.0 ports, female headphones and microphone jacks, an SD card slot and an optical drive for watching those home movies on a Friday night. On the right part are 2 more USB slots, Thunderbolt connector, LAN port, and a full sized HDMI cable for watching HD films in the living room.

One little aspect of its design that caught my attention is with the stands at the bottom – it is made of hard plastic which provides very little traction so the laptop may slide from where it stands if the user in not careful. Looking at the keyboard, it is backlit but the degree of brightness can not be customized. But typing on the keyboard feels great and, and the trackpad is very responsive. With regards to its processing power, the Predator runs an i7 Intel core, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, 4 GB of video memory, and holds a storage capacity of 512 GB SSD hard disk. The battery life is about 6 hours on a normal use, which is pretty decent for a laptop this size. In a nutshell, the Predator 17 from Acer is right on the money for those who don’t want any lag in their everyday tasks.

HP ENVY – 17t Touch Laptop

Pro: The storage capacity is 2TB – lots and lots of space for the entire family.
Con: The hard drive is 5400 RPM.

The HP ENVY 17T a laptop that is intended for family use. It is equipped with an HD camera, dual microphones, super multi DVD burner, i7 quad core processor, and 2 TB RAM for storing all your precious memories. One of the great features in this laptop is that you can upgrade its hard drive and can accommodate either the standard HDD or SATA or even both-perfect if this would be for home use and if two or more family members will share the machine. It also has a full touch screen display. One of this laptop’s notable feature is that it is very quiet – so you can sneak it in the bedroom and watch some movies even though it’s past your kid’s bedtime. The on board Quad Core i7 processor is sufficient in handling all your regular surfing or any standard video rendering that games may require. The 3D camera offers clear and crisp resolution, especially if you’re into blogging or Skype. The only downside I saw in the ENVY 17T is the hard drive’s rotational; speed which is 5400 RPM, could have made it at least 7200 RPM for speed and power saving capacity. But overall, this is a great laptop in terms of its flexibility, battery life, and processing speed. A great personal computer if you’re planning to use it at home or at the office.

Lenovo Y700

Pro: Great speaker configuration, giving you a full sound with rich bass. Perfect if you are going to use this for playing music or watching some home movies with it.
Con: The Brushed aluminum body may easily get chipped if not handled with care.

The y700 from Lenovo is a great home entertainment package in terms of video and sound resolution. It has a full brushed aluminium body, giving this laptop a very solid feel. Taking a look on its connectivity, on its right side is 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and an Ethernet jack. On its left side is an always-on USB port, SD slot, headphones and microphones female jack, and a pinhole Lenovo factory default button. The bottom part of the laptop is still full brushed aluminium and a sub woofer speaker which gives this laptop a full range of sound – great for watching movies or just kicking back in the living room listening to your tunes. The backlit keyboard is very responsive and has two brightness settings. The on board speaker system is JBL audio, and is cleverly designed that the sound from the speakers are directed toward the user and not the ceiling. The palm rest uses a rubber based material which is colored black to match the entire designed and is fingerprint-proof.

The touch pad are very reactive and is not over sensitive to movements. Regarding its storage, the 256 GB SSD is a welcome upgrade from its predecessor in terms of storage, but the only downside is that the hard drive is 5400 RPM; we would appreciate 7200 RPM. The battery life under normal usage can be stretched from 5–6 hours, but if you are going to use this for heavy gaming, the battery life dramatically goes down to 2 hours. For its processing power, you can’t go wrong with an i7 core processor with a 12 GB RAM. Clearly one of the best desktop replacement laptops out there in the market today that will bring total enjoyment whether you will use it to watch movies, listen to songs, or have your kids play the latest games in it. This laptop will not disappoint.

Hi-End Desktop Replacement Laptops

The New Razer Blade

Pro: Top of the line product!
Con: Glossy screen.

If you really want to spoil your family with the best replacement laptop for your family PC, then the new Razer Blade is sure fulfill all your needs and more. Released in the early part of 2016, this powerhouse packs outstanding screen resolution, superb audio, and very sleek appearance. The exterior is made of black anodized aluminium, which gives this laptop a very sturdy feel. But let’s jump right into the specs. This laptop holds a storage capacity of 256 GB SSD at 5400 RPM. With the processor of a Core i7 with a 16 GB RAM, this is great for running even the latest and the most memory-hungry games out there. It has 3 USB 3.0 ports, headphones / microphone combo female jack, HDMI slot, and a Thunderbolt port. The keyboard has a solid feel when typing and is very responsive.

One of the great things about it is the keypad customization with regards to how you want it to display or react to what you are doing. The trackpad is also great, but the left and right buttons gets a little being used to. The screen has a semi-gloss finish, which means that it’s not that great for using it outdoors but would do great in the living room or bedroom. The battery life runs for around 6 hours on regular use. The speakers are well positioned which gives you the illusion that you are listening through an external set of speakers. All in all the New Razer Blade is one of the best laptop in the market today be it for your junior’s games, your little girl’s blog, or even you wife’s online cooking show. The only question is whether your family share the Razor with you.

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