In order to obtain the highest quality of sound which is devoid of any distortions from computers, there is need to obtain only those speakers that are not only compatible with the computers themselves, but are also engineered in such a manner as to present nothing but quality and quality alone.

Several of such speakers do exist in the market. The ordinary users may however not be in the position to properly identify the precise computer speaker which is more likely to deliver the intended results. The proceeding reviews shall highlight and explain in details six of the very best computer speakers under $100 as of the year 2016.

GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speaker System

Pro: Compatible with several electronic devices
Con: May be sophisticated for the average user to operate

Compatibility: In case you are in need of a speaker that has the capacity to work well with almost every other electronic device such as personal computer, ASUS, Apple MAC, Alienware, Acer, Dell, CybertronPC, and HP, then this is the speaker to go for. It is indeed a one-stop-solution for all your audio needs since it negates the need to acquire different speakers for different sound inputs.

Creative A550 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Pro: Very easy to control and operate courtesy of its remote control unit
Con: Sharp and clear sound may damage the ears when exposed for longer duration of time

Improved Sonic Directivity: It has an improved image focusing plate which basically comprises a flare that surrounds the satellite to enhance sonic directivity and imaging. The sounds produced by the speaker are thus very sharp, are less susceptible to noise, and are generally of high quality. In case you intend to hold a party or any other social gathering that has many persons in attendance, this is indeed the speaker to look up to.

Bose Companion 2 Series II Multimedia Speaker System

Pro: They produce very natural and clear sound
Con: The sharp sound may pose health risks if listened to for long periods of time

Clarity of Sound: These speakers are specifically designed and intended for very clear and sharp sounds that are as realistic to the natural sounds as possible. They are thus very suitable for movies, sporting shows, and other forms of entertainment that require natural sounds. Moreover, the speakers are also designed to confer convenience during use thanks to the headphone jacks and volume controls both of which allow for the listening to and the control of the speakers from remote locations

Arion Legacy AR506-BK 2.1 Speaker System

Pro: Returns very high value for money due to the fact that it can perform several sound-related functions at a go
Con: May not necessarily be usable in large rooms owing to its limited number of satellite speakers

Versatility: If you are in search of a speaker that is able to deliver the functions of just about every other audio system simultaneously, then this is the speaker to go for. It is designed to perform a range of audio related functions including but not limited to tweeting, woofing, and sub-woofing. This is made possible by its ability to accommodate and work well with all sound electronic devices such as MP3, game consoles, and PC, among others.

Altec Lansing VS4621 Computer Speaker

Pro: Produces very high power
Con: The deep bass sound may damage the ears

Sound Quality and Dispersion: This is the king of all the speakers as regards sound quality and dispersion. It produces thunderous bass and formidable lows that shake entire rooms. Further to that, it fires sound in all the four directions of the room and is thus capable of delivering a warm, envelope of sound without necessarily consuming extra space. This is the speaker to settle for when holding parties or get-togethers.

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 Woofer Speaker System

Pro: Very versatile
Con: May be too sophisticated for the average user

Comfort and Convenience: This speaker is designed for your overall comfort and convenience in mind. It is made in such a manner as to enjoy the music and control the speaker from the comfort of your own seat. This is made possible by a combination of elegant features such as a headphone jack for private listening, remote control unit for appropriate controls, and dual input jacks for multiple sound sources. It is therefore suitable for those intent on enjoying their stuff without interfering with other room occupants.


It is worth noting that the features of the six of the best computer speakers under 100 dollars mentioned above are by no means exhaustive. It is thus advisable that any prospective user who intends to acquire any of the aforementioned speakers to carry thorough due diligence first before settling for the most appropriate one.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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