Best Men’s All-Mountain Snowboards

The snow is falling, the mountains are calling and you simply can’t wait to pick your snowboard and go out riding. With season finally here I decided to highlight some of the best all mountain snowboards available on the market. When selecting these snowboards I took into account several important factors key among them being; durability, flexibility, balance, convenience and effectiveness. After sieving through numerous magnificent snowboards, the following snowboards made to the top ten list of the crème de la crème list of all-mountain snowboards.

GNU Billy Goat

Pro: Good flexibility, well balanced, fast and light weight
Con: Dings easily

Best for rough terrains: GNU Billy Goat Snowboard is perfectly designed for high level riding in both worst and best conditions. It is particularly effective in all mountain riding, free ridding, powder and speed. With this snowboard you can actually go snowboarding on steepest terrain and navigate through undulating terrains with ease. Some of its key features include; float in glory pow, precise ice carving, power through chunder and stability through apex intensity. It has a waist width of 26.2cm, base (Eco sub/Co-sintered base) and a Magne-Traction 5.

YES. Snowboards Jackpot Snowboard

Pro: Lightweight, Fast, carving ability
Con: Too stiff

Yes struck gold: This superb and attractive snowboard is a must have freestyle deck for any snowboarding lover. The new model has been upgraded with a Midbite outline. Moreover, it has a narrower waist that helps to improve its overall responsiveness and control. Its stepped-out profile at the tail and tip contains a super forgiving and stable platform. It’s simply a magnificent snowboard for slaying terrains parks and delivering jibs like nobody’s business.

Rome Gang Plank Snowboard

Pro: Well balanced, fast, good stability
Con: Dings easily

Basic build: The quality of this snowboard is simply incredible. It boasts of almost all the features you’d want in a snowboard. The chowder, corn, tracks and powder are all handled with ease thanks mostly to its freepop rocker opening. This freepop rocker opening helps one to tactically and masterfully navigate through rough trails. Additionally, it’s Rebound and Pop Core Sidewall and rail durability and ollie power makes it even more desirable. It also has true twin shape, bamboo single barrel core and a pop core matrix. In addition, it has a straight Biax laminate that is particularly useful for those riders who would like to achieve the best out of any terrain.

Flow Blackout Snowboard

Pro: Lots of pop, smooth stability, carving ability, well balanced
Con: Heavy (weighs about 7.1 pounds)

Traditional camber: Flow Blackout snowboard is ideal for those riders who love stiffer flex and cherish that feel of traditional camber. It offers better float in pow, strong hold on the ice and is more responsive and lively hence the best choice for those aggressive, all mountain riders. It is also ideal for both advanced and expert riders. Other features include; directional twin shape, a stiff flex rating and a carbon/wood core/laminates.

Capita Mens Mercury Snowboard

Pro: Fast, tough, smooth stability
Con: Dings easily

Fastest board: This all terrain snowboard boasts of Capita’s most flexible rocker profile. It has received massive praise for its ability to float like a butterfly but stings like a bee. Its Omega trade base offers speed while it’s FK camper profile puts camper underfoot hence giving you the stability needed to control the speed. The Panda Core is made stronger and tougher by the Bamboo power rods. These rods are useful in providing monster oilles in a moment’s notice and razor-sharp turns whenever required. Capita Mens Mercury Snowboard is one of those all-terrain snowboard that’ll get you out of any situation.

Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

Pro: Fast, good Flexibility, well Balanced
Con: Some have minor cosmetic damages, less aggressive

Made for mountain life: Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard was designed to basically dominate all the aspects of snowboarding, from pow slaying and park shredding to swilling beers in the parking lot and barbeque’ing. It is however a less aggressive models or version of the Burton Custom. Its Squeezebox, Sintered WFO bases and a SuperFlyII core with EGD makes it sturdy, poppy and lightweight; characteristics that makes it the best choice for cracking any conditions. Other features include; a directional shape, a twin flex and a 45o carbon highlights laminates.

Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard

Pro: Tough, well balanced, lots of pop, good flexibility, carving ability
Con: A bit stiff

A staple for park riders: This snowboard is the best for park riders and those innovative freestyle riders. It features a Kevlar and core core, Twin Pow 3BT profile and a Tri-Ax Laminate. Its medium flex offers park riders maximum control while they perform their fancy tricks and support for all-mountain riders and beginners.

Rome 2016 Mod Rocker Snowboard

Pro: Lightweight, lots of pop, versatility and great balance
Con: Dings easily

Performance & Style: This board offers both performance and style. It has a trademark of hip moon graphic on its modern deck as well as a snappy and powerful flex with the ability to handle the streets and steeps. Additionally, it has a flat underfoot with rocker situated at the tail and nose that offers enough float in powder. Its quick side-cut gives it a sweet feel.

Lib Tech Skate Banana FundaMENTAL BTX Snowboard

Pro: Smooth stability, carving ability, good flexibility, lightweight
Con: Bit pricey

One that changed it all: Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX snowboard is among the first rockered snowboards. It makes for an exciting yet predictable ride down any terrain but is more effective as a jibbing tool. It has a tip/tall impact deflection and UHMW sidewalls for durability. The Magne-Traction edge helps to provide confidence and bite during icy days.

Ride Men’s Machete GT Snowboard

Pro: Tough, well balanced, lots of pop
Con: A bit heavy

This snowboard was designed for all-mountain terrain.The Machete GT is fast becoming a true and tried classics option for both park oriented riders as well as mountain riders. It is built to be a playful and loose twin board for a passionate performance. Some of its features include; hybrid lowRizeTM shape, PopwalTM sidewalls, Carbon Array 5TM Laminates, Cleave EdgeTM steel and a performance tunedTM core.

Best Women’s All-Mountain Snowboards

Its year end and with the year ending it brings with it the joy of winter, the joy of first chill, snow flakes, the cotton like white environment and our very own Santa. When you talk about Santa the first thing which flashes in our mind are gifts and then the ice skating talent of our famous treasure man. Now why to stay behind? So all those girls who have a secret dream of ice skating, gear up your boots and fix your feet in an apt snowboard and challenge Santa in skating. This article gives you a snapshot overview regarding different trendy Best Women All-Mountain snowboards available in this chilling market. Go through it and be a Santa for yourself this year and gift yourself a one and show the world your skating skills.

Capita – Women Jess Kimura Pro Snowboard

Pro: Unique appeal with extravagant graphics to die for
Con: typical black color sometimes make it boring in girl’s world

Swim through ice best with the best: This is one of the most hot pick snowboard in the market. Its genY design with perfect color combo makes it whole more popular among the young girls. Apart from teens, the adult counterparts also lure for this particular snowboard. Not only its color and graphics, but also its proper shape and calculated angles and curvature make it popular among the women kingdom. The length of the board is also standard enough to hold and carry a diverse range of weight band.

GNU Velvet Gnuru Women’s Snowboard

Pro: Very trendy and slim design
Con: Too much color to withstand eyes

Tame ice in slim style: You can transform the ice land into your own backyard play ground by this super flexible snowboard. Its exclusive design keeps the rocker in its perfect place and position, such that you won’t tumble over any hurdle and can enjoy an icy smooth ride. Moreover its elliptical sculpture gives it an mathematically approx structure, allowing you to make maximum ground contact, thus again safeguarding you from a bad fall. The entire smoothing and waxing regime employed in this snowboard is environmentally favorable and those eye catching graphics will blow your mind in glee.

Nitro Fate Zero Camber Snowboard – Women’s

Pro: Suitable for both novice and experienced rider
Con: Speed is comparatively less, as reported by some consumers. However majority may vary.

Nitro is acclaimed as a mountain specialist; it tames everything which comes in the way of its rider. The secret behind its king like nature is an extra flat profile and super accurate angle of curvature. Its feather like weight allows it to fly high in air, when in a mood to show off some edgy stunts and at the same time makes a perfect flawless landing. Apart from these its slick shape eliminates any sort of torsional stiffness which may act as a barrier in between your twist and turns.

Rome Lo-Fi Rocker Snowboard – Women’s

Pro: Twin nature of skating and slashing
Con: Flat underfoot may be problem for some people

Ride with classy girl style and fool ice: This specialized snow board has dual specialty, you can flow in ice like sand, slash ice on friends without compromising to the instant parking ability. Its excellent group rocker further modifies its level of jumping, turning and landing. The straight biax laminate ensures torsional stiffness and preventing centripetal fall. The pink and grey floral combo also gives an appealing feel and makes quite wannabe among other dull ones.

Burton Talent Scout Snowboard – Women’s

Pro: Buttery smooth control while riding
Con: Mostly popular among teens

Decimal accurate control with a neon touch the main attribute which catches consumers mind is its head turning blue neon get up with a touch of floral graphics. Apart from the color its shape, control and design is also quite appreciable. It is more playful and stunts friendly. Even more it is affixed with guard rails, which further magnifies its riding security. One can also select size according to her height and weight.

YEs. snowboards Hel Snowboard

Pro: Wall graphitic like design with a face of girl engraved on it
Con: Longevity may be not that great

The girl with snowboard: See yourself in its design is the most talk about trait of this commodity. Even if you side pass the decorative traits there are many other features of crave for like edgy curves, accurate landing, proper feet grip and pro like twist and turns. Works supreme best in mountains as well as in ice clad road.

Jones Flagship Snowboard – Women’s

Pro: Triple wooden base imparts extended durability
Con: The color and the pattern of design is bit boring plus it’s a bit costly

Snowboard which is immortal: The main unique feature of this women snowboard is its build. In this plastic and silicon era it goes traditional and believes only in wood. The wooden framework makes its far more superior than any other plastic made contemporary. Moreover the goodness of wood makes it damage proof and bless it with a lifelong service. The polyethylene back cover is easy to repair. Thus it is sturdy and at the same time biodegradable with a woody touch.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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