It may be rightful to say that the $500 price bracket is indeed like the market battle zone, where A-class guitar manufacturers constantly are vying with each other by whipping up guitars that are high on sound quality, style, design and value. Admist the rat race, the only piece of good news for guitarists is that the manufacturers continually try to improve on the quality of guitars while taking care to retain their competitive pricing and it does give you the coveted chance to possess high-end guitars without draining your pockets.

Here we present you with an updated list of the best acoustic electric guitars under 500 dollars. It’s up to you to choose by weighing the pros and cons of each model enlisted below!

Luna Flora Series Lotus Quilted Maple Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Transparent Shiraz

Pro: Creatively designed exterior, dynamic playing options and a high quality sound emission
Con: Metal strings may feel slightly harsh on the hands with prolonged play

Since times unknown, the exquisite symbol of lotus has been entwined with elements of creation, music and harmony, especially in cultures of Egypt and India. Inspired from the arcane symbolism of the flawless beauty of lotus is the Luna Flora Series of acoustic electric guitar. At $400, It scores extra points for its majestic make and uniquely design sound hole. An embedded Om symbol is tagged at the twelfth fret of the instrument. Presence of the onboard preamp of Orion-3 band lends greater versatility to players, while the cutaway body and digital tuner produces full sound.

LX1E Little Martin Travel Guitar w/ Fishman Pickup

Pro: Durable, great for road trips and live performances, high sound quality
Con: A bit handle-heavy yet comfortable with the guitar strap

At $409, The LX1E Little Martin is undoubtedly, one of the best acoustic electric guitar under $500 as it sports a simple, delicate, unassuming exterior and works like a charm for its price value. Its pickup sounds are engaging and pleasant to the ear. Having a solid spruce top, it qualifies wonderfully as your travel companion, as you can always trust on its durable make to sail through rough days or hasty moments. The sound produced is of good bass and the chords, notation and projection are strong as well as hard-hitting. LX1E Little Martin is known for its chirpy bright sound. It produces crispy high sounds and low booming notes with equal perfection.

Alvarez Artist Series AD60CESB Dreadnought Acoustic – Electric Guitar, Sunburst/Gloss Finish

Pro: Professionally built, great for recording and projection; made to marvel on stage
Con: It may fall prey to pests like termites and fungal contamination due to its natural framework

At $447,The all new Artist Series acoustic guitar from the house of Alvarez looks absolutely stunning and is available in myriad color, wood and shape choices. Being embellished with creative detailing of pearl, abalone inlay, rosewood and bone saddle, Artist Series is designed to emit incredible player experience. Guitars made of wood are no doubt better and this one is but a testimony to this fact. The stiff tops emit richer vibrations when played while their spruce nature promises consistent quality.

Ovation CE44-5

Pro: Remarkably appealing exterior, high quality projection and great for recording purposes
Con: A tad heavy in weight as compared to its counterparts

The Ovation CE44-5 acoustic electric guitar, one of the best acoustic electric guitar under 500 dollars, comes in a classic, multiple-sound hole design, with top-class sound, features, style and of course value. Its solid spruce top and cutaway body provides sharp highs and a very focused bass response in each play. You will find the bracing patterns extremely novel, with a natural tone that sounds like a powerful response. Together, Ovation’s body, top as well as sound holes emit full projection, incredible in both, note clarity, tonal nuances and balance. The exterior is glossy black and looks elegant.

Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Round-Neck Guitar – 2 Color Sunburst

Pro: Inexpensive, balanced resonator and an instantly gigglable guitar
Con: Size is non-flattering yet ideal for beginners

The Gretsch G9220 flaunts a timeless mahogany top, neck and body as well as a rosewood fingerboard. The manually made Ampli-Sonic spider cone as well as bridge of Gretsch work in concert to produce a very genuine resonator tone. The resonator is balanced and delightfully warm as it emits soothing sounds. You will find this resonator really easy to play just like an ordinary guitar. The dual “F” sound holes serve to add to the aesthetic appeal of this high-end instrument. Experience in an all new tonal spectrum with one of the best acoustic electric guitar under 500, the G9220.

Dean Mako Dave Mustaine Acoustic Electric Guitar

Pro: Durable, attractive, inexpensive and emits a sharp palette of tones of varying frequencies
Con: Functioning may be a tad difficult to understand by novelists

The entry-level acoustic electric guitar Mako, is an innovation by Dave Mustaine, who named the product so due to the latter’s characteristic dorsal-fin-like bridge, pear inlays akin to shark’s teeth and the gill-like sound holes. Mako features an in-built tuner to ensure only playing of international discords. You can use it for layering or texturing tracks. Other features on Dave Mustaine Mako are, Grover tuners for fine sound quality and ebony fingerboard for the ultimate appeal.

Yamaha FGX730SC

Pro: Unique glossy finish designed from cutting edge technology and provides for a comfortable play
Con: Users would appreciate better if it came with its hard case

FGX730SC acoustic guitar from Yamaha includes a well-framed cutaway body featuring solid Spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and sides made of rosewood. It uses piezoelectric pickups in order to produce fine sounds of pure quality. The pickup has been designed thoughtfully with multilayer structure to dampen excess vibration arising from the board while digging out small resonances for achieving an ideal musical balance. The in-built chromatic tuner and adjustable frequency control is really helpful to learners on the process of discovering their own tunes.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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