Gaming has become a way of bringing people together that enjoy strategy, intriguing adventures, mastering maneuvers, and action-packed competition. Beyond the gaming system and internet connection, the TV is a vital part of bringing out the best gaming experience. Finding the best 32 inch 1080p TV for gaming that fits your needs and budget will bring you a clearer picture, improved character movement, smooth transitions, and will be free of stalls or downtime when playing your favorites like Fortnite or Overwatch.

The improved technology with screen pixel has shown an increase from what used to be a standard 720p for 32-inch TVs to the more dynamic 1080p models. What does this mean for your gaming? A picture that is astonishingly clear, bright, with color contrast and illumination beyond compare to models of years past. You will wonder how you ever played on a 720p LED TV.

What to Look for When Buying a 32-Inch Gaming TV

The picture clarity and quality are top concerns for most gamers. If the colors are lack vibrancy, you are missing out on an important part of the whole gaming experience. Built-in WiFi is always the preferred method of connecting to the internet, but it is useful to ensure the standard Ethernet port is available for times you may lack WiFi service.

Refresh speed is another factor to consider in choosing the best 32 inch TV for gaming. Unfortunately, most 32-inch LED TVs to come with a standard 60Hz refresh rate. It is an acceptable speed but can leave you with a little lag in action and commands. In the current market, finding a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate in the 32-inch size is a rarity. 120Hz refresh rate allows for an almost seamless motion experience with any game and gaming system you choose to enjoy.

The budget might also be a concern when choosing the right LED gaming TV. Most 32-inch LED smart TVs are reasonably priced, but there are a few great deals out there if you are willing to settle for slightly reduced features.

Below are the best 32-inch 1080p TVs for gaming in all different price ranges. Pick up one of these gems for affordable and improved visual experiences with your gaming.

VIZIO 32-Inch D-Class 1080p 120Hz LED Built-in Wi-Fi Smart HDTV

This 32-inch LED smart TV offers the typical brilliance of a clear picture notorious with the Vizio brand. The incredible 120Hz refresh rate of this TV makes it ideal for gaming. The set-up is quick, easy and it comes with legs that only require a screwdriver to install. It is less than 12 pounds and perfect for wall or corner mounting options.

The Vizio D-Class comes with (2) HDMI, all standard component, Ethernet, Antenna/Cable, USB, Optical and L-R Audio ports. It offers built-in WiFi for quick streaming and full internet access. It is one of the pricier models but has all the features you like for a great gaming experience. You will find the clarity of visual presentation and lack of stalling in a refresh to be a great ally in every game you play. For more details check out the embedded video below.

Pros: Picture clarity and refresh speed.
Cons: One HDMI port is side-mount and the sound requires external boosting.

Samsung UN32M5300A 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

The moving resolution of this mid-priced model is superb at 60Hz refresh and the picture is one of the clearest available on the Samsung UN32M5300A 32-inch 2017 model. It offers all of the standard input and output ports, including (2) HDMI. It is thin, which leaves very little room for speakers. It is better to use a surround system or other external source for audio.

The lightweight design of this TV is the ease involved in wall and corner mounting. Streaming capabilities are fast and dependable with built-in WiFi. It is a great little 1080p LED TV for gaming, or you can use it to cruise the internet, watch movies, and more.

Pros: The picture quality and refresh capabilities of this TV are tops.
Cons: The sound is low and it does not come with an internal antenna.

Vizio D32F-E1 D-Series 32-Inch LED Smart TV (2017 Model)

If the idea of saving money for a decent 32-inch gaming TV is on your mind, you can always check out the Vizio D32 E-Class refurbished model. It is the 2017 version and has all of the essential inputs, such as (2) HDMI, (1) component, (1) VGA/PC, and more. It offers high-definition 1080p picture quality, 60Hz refresh, and built-in WiFi capabilities. The streaming is easy to access and works well. It is reported to have a slight delay in command/action, which can seem frustrating to gamers that are used to instant results.

You can choose from a consortium of apps with the Vizio Instant App feature. It is easy to get up and running, but you will need a wide-based TV stand, or opt for wall mounting. The picture can best be described as crystal clear and there is tremendous clarity with the deep black offered by the illuminated backlighting. For more details check out the embedded video below.

Pros: Excellent picture quality and has a one-year extended warranty available.
Cons: Some users experience problems with the apps and the sound is better using a surround system.

Pyle 32-Inch LED TV HD with Full HD 1080p Support

The Pyle 32-inch LED TV is designed for use as a TV, or computer monitor and is at the lower end of the pricing scale. It does have multi-media capabilities and you can load up more than one screen to monitor at once. It offers widescreen visuals, hi-resolution 1080p display, 60Hz refresh, and built-in speakers. You have (3) HDMI, (1) YPbPr component port, L-R Audio, VGA/PC, PC Audio, and RF inputs. It also includes an Optical Audio and Headphones output. It gives you all of the basics you need to set up a gaming area in your bedroom, living room, den, or any convenient location.

You can remove the included base to wall mount, operate through full-function remote control, or by using the side panel buttons. It also includes a V-Chip, Closed Captioning and works with either a PC or Mac computer. It is at a lesser price-point than most 1080p TVs, but the performance is not well-received with a few gamers.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive and it does have all basic features.
Cons: Many users experience problems with the level of sound and the picture tends to look blocky, especially with the movements of fast-paced gaming.

Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

You can enjoy streaming and gaming with an HD picture that has twice the clarity of similar models. It is a compact, light LED TV for gaming that falls within the mid-price range. You will find that it is easy to move from room-to-room or to other locations, has a decent hi-resolution picture, and 60Hz refresh rate. Included ports are (2) HDMI Input, (1) Component Video Input, RF In (Satellite Input), (1) USB Input, (1) Composite In (AV), Ethernet and (1) Digital Audio Out. The quad control processor allows for a smoother streaming and browsing experience. You will notice smooth movement with the picture as you are gaming.

Pros: The 120 refresh rate provides smoother, consistent gaming and crystal clear picture quality.
Cons: It is slightly higher in price than many 32-inch models.

The Verdict

The winning TV for gaming in our comparison is the VIZIO 32-Inch D-Class 1080p 120Hz Full-Array LED Smart HDTV. It provides the highest refresh speed of 120Hz. It offers the widest range of standard input and output ports, built-in WiFi every gamer needs, and a picture that is second to none.

Every 32-inch TV on our list has great qualities that are worth taking a close look at to determine the best one for you. LED TVs with 1080p are the best way to bring the ultimate visual enjoyment to your gaming experience. Consider making the switch soon for the ultimate in picture quality improvement.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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