Gaming has become a way of bringing people together that enjoy strategy, intriguing adventures, mastering maneuvers, and action-packed competition. Beyond the gaming system and internet connection, the TV is a vital part of bringing out the best gaming experience. Finding the best 32 inch 1080p TV for gaming that fits your needs and budget will bring you a clearer picture, improved character movement, smooth transitions, and will be free of stalls or downtime when playing your favorites like Fortnite or Overwatch.

The improved technology with screen pixel has shown an increase from what used to be a standard 720p for 32-inch TVs to the more dynamic 1080p models. What does this mean for your gaming? A picture that is astonishingly clear, bright, with color contrast and illumination beyond compare to models of years past. You will wonder how you ever played on a 720p LED TV.

What to Look for When Buying a 32-Inch Gaming TV

The picture clarity and quality are top concerns for most gamers. If the colors are lack vibrancy, you are missing out on an important part of the whole gaming experience. Built-in WiFi is always the preferred method of connecting to the internet, but it is useful to ensure the standard Ethernet port is available for times you may lack WiFi service.

Refresh speed is another factor to consider in choosing the best 32 inch TV for gaming. Unfortunately, most 32-inch LED TVs to come with a standard 60Hz refresh rate. It is an acceptable speed but can leave you with a little lag in action and commands. In the current market, finding a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate in the 32-inch size is a rarity. 120Hz refresh rate allows for an almost seamless motion experience with any game and gaming system you choose to enjoy.

The budget might also be a concern when choosing the right LED gaming TV. Most 32-inch LED smart TVs are reasonably priced, but there are a few great deals out there if you are willing to settle for slightly reduced features.

Below are the best 32-inch 1080p TVs for gaming in all different price ranges. Pick up one of these gems for affordable and improved visual experiences with your gaming.

SuperSonic SC-3210 1080p LED TV

• Onboard digital noise reducer
• Built-in SD card reader
• Compatible with Amazon dongles

• Resolution needs to be fine-tuned
• Weighs nearly 13 lbs.

SuperSonic isn’t as well-known in the market, but their newest television set has made some waves in the gaming community. Those who have a dedicated gaming room will like the way that this set sits up once its installed. It’s feet grip the table below so it won’t move even if you jerk a wired controller after losing a life. The slightly off-brand nature has also helped to drop the price.

Classic RCA input jacks are installed in the back along with more modern HDMI ones. That ensures compatibility with all classic edition mini-consoles currently on the market. If you still haven’t gotten a chance to play Star Fox 2, then this is the perfect TV for you.

Gamers on the go might be interested in its unique power options. This TV technically runs on a 12V power input. It comes with a 110-120V house adapter, which lets you use it when plugged into a normal house outlet. An included direct-connect 12V automobile adapter lets you plug it into the cigarette lighter jack in your car.

Samsung 1080p Smart LED TV

• 2x as clear as standard televisions
• Quad-core CPU for smoother image processing
• Relatively high refresh rate
• Weighs less than 10 lbs.

• Color definition needs adjustment
• Volume may be too low
• Some assembly may be required

Gamers who want a really crisp image can turn to Samsung’s 1080p LED TV offering for a sharp picture. While some people might complain a bit about the color definition, it provides really smooth animation.

Fans of first-person shooter titles are really going to appreciate this feature. The backlight is a little brighter than most, which can help bring out dark backgrounds in these games.

That’s also made it attractive to players of F1 2019 Anniversary Edition, since the horizons in some racing games can get dark and muddy. Those who plan to play different games on different consoles can connect up to two different devices via the included HDMI jacks as well.

While it might take a while to go through the configuration menu, it’s well worth it. Anyone who wants to have genuine dark black tones will appreciate the image they’re rewarded with. Best of all, Samsung’s engineers did a good job of making this set energy efficient without increasing the price tag too much.

TCL 32S327 1080p Smart LED TV

• Integrated Roku receiver
• Optical audio out jack
• Works with Alexa devices

• Finicky when it comes with USB connections
• Remote sometimes misfires

TCL’s latest smart TV model might be the best for gamers on a tight budget. It’s price tag is half that of some competitors. In spite of this, you won’t be sacrificing anything in terms of connectivity.

Three different HDMI ports give you plenty of space to connect your favorite consoles. It also includes an RF input jack, which is perfect for retro gamers. You could connect an original NES and a Sony PS4 to this TV at the same time.

The headphone jack uses a standard 3.5mm connector, so you could plug in a pair of powered external speakers if you wanted. This can help overcome any audio-related problems you might run into.

You shouldn’t experience any problems with the picture, however. It uses a direct-lit LED system to offer a 120Hz refresh rate. This virtually eliminates screen tearing when dealing with fast-moving action sequences. Some Overwatch players have claimed that the screen doesn’t tear even if D.Va’s mech explodes. That’s quite an accomplishment for a television that’s usually marketed as a budget option.


• Comes with YPbPr component video jacks
• Includes 8W 8Ω speakers
• Works as a computer monitor and TV

• Slightly undersized screen
• 1080p must be selected to play in full HD
• Unusual aspect ratios

You might not be familiar with Pyle, but their TVs are made in the same factories that supply more popular OEMs. They’ve made a name for themselves in the high-end audio market, so it makes sense that these TVs include excellent speakers. If you’d rather not plug in external speakers, then this might be the best option for you.

While it uses a slightly odd hybrid 1080p display system, most gamers won’t notice the difference. They will notice, however, the fact that this TV includes a healthy amount of I/O for you to connect consoles to.

As well as three HDMI jacks, it includes traditional RCA plugs. That’s good for those who’ve bought any recent classical console remakes that need these older connectors. While the video quality won’t be as sharp as it would with HDMI, it won’t matter for those playing 8 or 16-bit titles.

There are plenty of features for those interested in more modern games as well. VGA PC plugs and a PC audio adapter give you the freedom to stream MMORPG titles directly to your television set.

By showing over 16.7M colors at 178° verticals, Pyle’s offering more than makes it for its slightly inflated price tag.

Sceptre 32 inch 1080p LED TV

• Energy Star 7.0-qualified
• Streams content from a compatible smartphone or tablet
• Built-in slideshow can show off gaming screenshots
• Supports HDMI splitters

• No wireless connectivity
• Gets rather hot
• Inconsistent scaling

Sceptre is known for making relatively low-priced monitors. They’ve taken that formula and applied it to television viewing with this model, which doesn’t sacrifice anything in the way of resolution to cut prices. It features deep black tones you don’t normally see out of more expensive models too.

Color saturation remains pretty good at wide angles. If you have a special gamer chair, then you can tilt it in every which direction while playing. You shouldn’t notice too much of a shift. It doesn’t even experience much light bleed at the edges of the screen, which is a problem associated with even the priciest of sets.

Plenty of I/O ports are included on the back, so you’ll be able to connect a number of consoles simultaneously. It’s designed to be slim enough that you’ll have room left over on the table if you mount your consoles next to the set itself.

Some gamers have felt that the onboard speakers are a bit anemic. A simple sound bar is enough to fix this problem. It even connects easily enough.

Final Thoughts

Depending on what kind of gaming you plan on doing, Samsung’s 1080p LED TV is more than likely the best bet. It’s higher refresh rate and crisp image are great for those playing serious online games. If you’re into eSports or online competition, then it has a host of features that should prove useful to you.

Even if you’re a more casual gamer, you’ll still like the picture and the low weight. While it’s impressive built-in CPU is geared toward those who take their gaming seriously, it can eliminate tearing in almost any setting.

Those who are on a budget might want to take a look at the TCL 32S327. Since it has an integrated Roku system, it’s a great choice if you plan on watching movies whenever you put away the controller. It also has one of the highest refresh rates on the market, so it should attract a few serious gamers too.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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