A laptop is more than just a computing unit, over time it’s become a must-have companion device for work, leisure and education. Laptops with 3GHz processors, are often touted as the best in the business for high-class performance and speed. When it comes to finding a device that you depend on for processing speed and excellence, we recommend you choose wisely.

When finding a set of laptops with 3GHz processors, we took into account several criteria: storage space, price, ergonomics, build quality, average battery life, quality of the display and ease of use. Of course, the laptops we chose had to live up to the hype of the 3 GHz processor, without compromising on speed and performance. When the dust settled, the 7 best laptops with 3.0 GHz processor remained.

Lenovo G710 Laptop

Pro: Excellent large non-glare screen
Con: Heavy gaming can cause overheating

Sight for Sore Eyes : With its large 17.3 inch screen and smooth design, the Lenovo Z70 is a beast when it comes to graphics and display. The laptop comes with brilliant Dolby Advanced Audio and commendable processing speed, though we’re not too sure about heavy-duty gaming. The keyboard and mousepad design can be a little better but all in all, this is a very capable laptop with a sleek modern design.

Lenovo Flex 3

Pro: Elegant design with multi-mode functionality
Con: Plagued by sub-par performance

Elegant Sophistication: The Lenovo Flex 3 scores high points thanks to its sleek, elegant design. We were impressed with how easy and flexible the multi-mode functionality was, though using it in tablet mode can be a bit cumbersome. The device also boasts of a decent touchpad and a thin build. However, for a high-end laptop, the performance could be better and we found the display to be a little dull.

HP Omen 15T

Pro: Keyboard backlights
Con: No Ethernet port- this requires an adapter dongle

Beautiful Beast: The HP Omen 15T is a pleasantly surprising foray into gaming laptops by a mainstream manufacturer like HP. In a niche market dominated by boutique manufacturers, the Omen holds its own pretty well. The device comes with brilliant graphics, customizable keyboard backlights and a wide touchpad. While the unique keyboard layout and the lack of an ethernet port can be considered by some to be minor flaws, we find the laptop to be a highly respectful entry into a niche market by HP.

Toshiba Satellite L70

Pro: Bright display
Con: Underwhelming performance- cracks under the pressure of intensive operations

Workhorse: The Toshiba Satellite L70 boasts of a sleek, bright display, a 17.3 inch screen and neat exteriors. This is a sturdy laptop that does the job if you’re a user satisfied with general computing and low-end tasks. Though the Satellite L70 can probably hold its own against its rivals, it would be wise to look at other options if you’re looking for better performance from your device.

Xi Powergo 15/7

Pro: Brilliant in rendering high-definition content
Con: Little on the heavy side

Dark Horse: The Xi Powergo is a pretty unknown commodity when it comes to laptops. However, don’t let the relative anonymity fool you. The Powergo is a beast of a device that incorporates the power of an efficient desktop and a lightning-fast gaming laptop. The high-end GPU and the stunning 17.3 inch display combine to provide unparalleled performance. If you’re a CAD designer looking for a laptop that can handle 3D renderings and high-definition videos without hiccups, the Powergo is the product for you.

CybertronPC Titan

Pro: Amazing graphics
Con: Might burn a hole through your pocket

World-class: With a thin, portable 17 inch frame and specifications to die for, the CybertronPC Titan is all about speed and unparalleled performance. Capable of making anybody drool with its stunning display and brilliant graphics, the Titan stays true to its mythological name. The laptop benefits from strong system efficiency, beautiful aesthetics and great battery life. If you’re willing to dish out some extra cash for a beast of a device, the Titan is the one for you.

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