It is hard to find a good tablet on the market today especially if you have not looked into the best gadgets on the internet or gathered recommendations from acquaintances before purchasing. More often than not, you will always end up buying a product that does not live up to your expectations. When planning to buy a tablet, it is imperative to consider at least 5 or more and finally choose one that meets your needs. On this page, we have gathered seven 10-inch tablets under $300 to help you decide. The price could be a bit pricey but high-quality.

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10-inch Tablet Buying Guide


Anyone who plans to take plenty of photos or shoot lots of video needs a hefty amount of storage space. You might want to look for something that includes a microSDXC slot so you can add your own memory card when you start to run low on space.


Some tablets are more like laptops that allow you to detach the keyboard and carry it around with you. Others give you an option of connecting a keyboard via a wired jack or through Bluetooth.


If you only plan to browse the web and watch YouTube videos, then you could get away with buying any modern tablet. Anything beyond this requires access to an app store or some other way of downloading software. People who already have an Android or iOS phone might want to get a tablet that runs the same OS.

Battery Life

How much battery power you need depends on how you’ll be using your new tech. Some people buy a Windows tablet as a replacement for their current PC and leave it plugged in all the time. If this sounds familiar, then this won’t be as much of an issue. Anyone on the go will want 5-10 hours of juice at least.

Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi Edition


• One of the very few new iOS devices you’ll find in this price range

• Comes with a high-resolution 9.7-inch Retina display

• Features a 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera and an 8MP rear one

• 10 hours of battery life


• Requires an Apple account to unlock most apps

• Needs iTunes to transfer most types of files back and forth with a PC

Apple certainly has a reputation for making expensive equipment. Fortunately, their 32GB Wi-Fi iPad should meet the needs of most budget-minded consumers. You normally won’t find iOS devices with Retina displays in this price range, so the fact that this tablet supports everything on the iTunes apps store without breaking the bank could be a major selling point in its own right.

While it lacks the cellular connectivity that most other iPads feature, it does support every wireless Apple accessory. If you want to connect a keyboard or so-called iPencil to the tablet, then it will recognize them with no problem. Naturally, you’ll be able to listen to any song or play any film from iTunes. You’ll even be able to stream media from other iOS devices you might own.

Few tablets offer the ability to edit 4K video or create sophisticated multimedia packages without some sort of exterior attachment. Even though Apple does face its share of deserved criticism, they certainly have spared no expense in packing even their smallest devices with all the tools artists need.

Some people have claimed that games aren’t Apple’s forte, but this edition of the iPad actually supports every single modern iOS game right out of the box. That’s not bad for something that weighs just over a single pound.

Best 10-inch Android Tablets Under $300

Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa 64GB Edition


• 2 million pixel display

• Battery life over 10 hours


• Only 2GB of RAM

• Built on dated Android version

It seems almost like Amazon comes out with a different version of their Fire tablet every month. The HD 10 is the latest version of their 10-inch model, and it comes with a solid 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter. This makes it perfect for streaming media online, which was probably what Amazon had in mind when they designed it.

The real selling point isn’t the compatibility with HBO NOW, Netflix, Showtime and the WWE Network, however. It’s the fact that the tablet comes with fully hands-free control using Amazon’s own Alexa technology. Unlike most voice-controlled tablets, though, the HD 10 can actually understand your voice really well. If you’re into smart home automation, then you might want to install apps to control all your gadgets just by telling them to switch on or off.

Assuming you already have an Amazon account, the HD 10 should recognize all your subscriptions automatically.

Lenovo Tab 4 Quad-Core Edition


• Speedy quad-core design

• Dolby Atmos Sound

• Weighs less than 11 ounces


• GPU is rather slow

• Battery life is less than four hours

You don’t normally see Android tablets that are designed with multiple users in mind. Lenovo’s Tab 4 allows you to create separate profiles for everyone in your family. While this along with the low price makes it an excellent choice for those with children, the Tab 4 shouldn’t be thought of as underpowered by any means.

The onboard CPU is a genuine 64-bit quad-core chip that can handle some pretty complex calculations. This should certainly prove attractive who like to play mobile flight sims or Android-based FPS titles.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Tablet


• Expandable microSD slot supports up to 256GB of additional storage

• Stable Wi-Fi networking adapter

• Full 1080p display


• Custom Android OS doesn’t allow users to store apps on SD card

• Touchscreen needs to be carefully calibrated

Technologists and gamers have loved to beat up on Huawei, but now it’s time for them to get the last laugh. Their M5 tablet features a sound system powered by genuine Harmon-Kardon tuned speakers. Considering that the device’s bezel is built out of metal, this makes it sound better than most external audio adapters ever would. In spite of this, it still weighs only just over a pound.

If you’re using your tablet for work, then you’ll appreciate that they took the time to include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps with the Google Android installation the tablet comes with stock. Those who care more about entertainment will love the accurate stylus and 1920×1200 display resolution. This makes it perfect for playing games or streaming live media.

You couldn’t ask for a better tablet to watch movies on, since you’ll be able to experience a film’s soundtrack in gorgeous stereo sound. It even offers a special eye-comfort mode that’s great for extended gaming sessions. While it doesn’t completely solve the problem of eyestrain, it does help to make things much easier.

Unfortunately, all this innovation can lessen the battery life from time to time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 64GB Edition


• Battery lasts for around nine hours

• Lightweight exterior case is made, in part, of aluminum

• Comes with a Mali GPU, so you won’t experience screen tearing


• May be so light that it’s easy to throw around

• Eight processor cores means it performs well, but can get quite hot

Samsung is probably better known for installing features like 8MP rear webcams and 64GB of flash memory on their smartphones rather than on a budget-minded tablet. However, the Galaxy Tab A is quite affordable in spite of the fact that it comes with many features normally only found on much more expensive Android tablets.

You’ll enjoy genuine Dolby audio when watching movies on the impressive 10.1 inch full HD screen. If you start to fill up the onboard memory, then the Tab A can read microSDXC cards up to 512GB. This should prove to be more than enough space for even the most dedicated users of online video. Since its extremely light, you’ll be able to take it with you wherever it goes.

Admittedly, some users have gone so far as to say that it’s too light. That being said, it doesn’t suffer from the problems associated with many lighter tablets. For instance, you won’t bend the charger port or easily put a crack in the screen. If nothing else, then Samsung’s engineers are dedicated to building solid devices that stand up to abuse. This makes it an ideal option if you plan on dragging it around to binge watch Netflix movies wherever there’s free Wi-Fi.

Best 10-inch Windows Tablets Under $300

Lenovo Flex 11 Convertible Tablet


• Uses a standard Intel Pentium CPU, so it can run regular PC apps

• Dolby Premium audio system built into the bezel

• Features USB 3.0 & Type-C expansion ports as well as an HDMI adapter


• At 2.75 lbs., it’s a bit heavier than most tablets

• Relies on a slower electromechanical hard disk

Pundits wrote for a long time that only Microsoft could really conquer the world of 2 and 1 tablets, but Lenovo is certainly giving them a run for their money. The Flex 11 is quite a bit more affordable than the competition, and it runs standard PC apps just fine since it boots off of a Windows 10 S OS image. If mainstream gaming with hot PC games sounds like a good deal to you, then you might fall in love with the Flex 11.

A flick of the wrist is all that’s needed to turn this laptop into a standard Windows tablet. It supports both touchscreen input as well as regular keyboard and mouse gestures. Since it’s essentially a PC wrapped up in the trappings of a tablet, it comes with all the external ports you would have expected from your old PC.

Those who might find the ergonomics of other tablets lacking might want to try out the more generous dimensions the Flex 11 has to offer. This extra size also helped Lenovo’s engineers shove a hefty battery in the machine. Keep in mind, though, that it’s rather large. In fact, the manufacturer has taken to calling this model the “11.6-inch” tablet to try and capitalize on the fact that it’s larger than a conventional 10 inch tablet when the keyboard and bezel are in place.

Chuwi HI10 Air Tablet


• Runs the latest version of Windows 10

• FHD display is equipped with IPS technology, so photos and videos will really look great


• Originally suffered from build-quality issues

• Brand not as well known, so you might not find great support online

While you might not have heard of Chuwi, gamers and social media fanatics certainly have. The HI10 tablet is powered by a genuine Intel Core processor driving a Gen 8 graphics chip that drove the Internet crazy when this tablet was first announced. It’s a convertible design, like most Windows tablets, which means you could use it as your sole PC if you wanted to.

This also means that you’ll be able to use it with pretty much whatever software you’d like. Portable apps should run just fine on the tablet. A few pieces of productivity software come bundled in, which should help you find a use for the included stylus. While the battery life might not be the best, it supports USB-C connectivity, which should please anyone looking to hook high-performance external storage media or video game controllers to their tablet.

You might not need to ever go that far, however, since it includes a TransFlash reader that supports chips as large as 128GB. Casual users looking for a portable PC should find plenty here to like.


Considering how exclusive the market is for Apple products, it’s not hard to recommend the 32GB iPad over most other options available in this price range. You won’t find a display that’s quite like it anywhere else, and the battery life is superb. If you prefer to avoid the locked iOS ecosystem, then you’ll definitely want to look at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

Like the iPad, this was once considered an exclusive device that was hard to come by. It’s light enough for you to drag around, but Samsung didn’t sacrifice anything in the way of functionality. Users looking for a more traditional experience could take a look at the Chuwi HI10 Air tablet.

It’s one of the few low-end tablets that come with full support for Cortana out of the box, and it’s built on rock-solid Intel technology.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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