There comes a time in every man’s life where he must stray away from that sweet innocent boyhood naivety and become someone bigger. You get a job, start building your dreams and grab the bull by its horns as if there is no tomorrow. Now it doesn’t matter if you are a lifelong bachelor or a family man; a sophisticated gentleman or a primal hunter. We all do things differently but still share one very common interest: to find our perfect fragrance. Definitely not an easy task and almost none of us get it right the first time, but stay with us and we’ll help you choose the most appropriate extension of your personality with these 7 Best Perfumes For Men.

Bvlgari Aqua

Pro: Clean and fresh fragrance, making it ideal for your summer life
Con: Might not last more than just a few hours, depending on your activities

More of an everyday cologne, Bvlgari Aqua is worth its buck. Not the strongest of fragrances but will definitely turn some heads when you walk by. It comes in a minimalistic, green, pebble-shaped bottle. An ideal addition to any man’s body kit, just make sure to try it on before you buy it, as every person’s body chemistry is different.

Hermes Terre D’Hermes

Pro: Can easily last all day, leaving a very pleasing aftermath scent
Con: Not the best suit if you’re looking for a more jovial impression

Kicking it up a notch we have Hermes Terre D’Hermes. Offering a more masculine scent that opens up with a stronger citrus tone- sort of like orange peels, it slowly fades away to give room to a pleasant smoking cedar wood smell. Best suited for more special occasions, Terre D’ Hermes will definitely make a statement the moment you walk into the room.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

Pro: Perfect for everyday use, along with a smooth transition between scent notes
Con: Not the strongest tone if your style is a bit more primal

Get ready to be slapped in the face with some Mediterranean awesomeness. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio presents a great balance between citric fruits such as orange, mandarin and lemon with a salty fresh sea breeze. No wonder it remains uncontested as one of the most popular fragrances since it came on the market almost 20 years ago.

DSquared2 Potion Royal Black

Pro: A fresh different scent reminiscent of Arabian Nights
Con: Not exactly an entry level fragrance

Ideal for the cooler environments of fall and winter, our next contestant is DSquared2 Potion Royal Black. Relatively new to the market being launched just two years ago, it combines tones of wood and tobacco with a leathery rose aftermath (yes, rose can smell good on men too!). An exotic scent that is worth every penny, Potion Royal Black is a must have.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit

Pro: Timeless blend for all manly men – You just can’t go wrong
Con: Because it is mainly a daytime choice, there are several other scents that are more suitable for your night life

Step aside for a true contender, because Christian Dior Fahrenheit is not afraid to leave a strong impression. With more than 25 years of market presence, it is arguably one of the most popular choices amongst men (and women alike). Boasting a sandalwood, balsamic tone, this is an insta-buy for men of all ages. Quality has a price, and Fahrenheit is definitely worth it.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Pro: It definitely lasts all day
Con: A bit overpriced considering other options in the market

A very masculine scent with initial tones of wood and a floral aftermath, Tom Ford Black Orchid is a statement of confidence. It has a stronger scent than most, without being overwhelming. If you are looking for a fragrance a bit more on the higher-end, then you should definitely give this a shot.

Gucci Pour Homme II

Pro: Provided you are in close quarters (or with that significant other) this fragrance is tough to beat
Con: Weak scent projection and does not last very long

With a very unique combination of tones, Gucci Pour Homme II is definitely an upgrade from its previous version. An initial tone of violet leaf and lemon peels, slowly fades away to give room to a stronger mix of scents: Green tea, cinnamon, and Pimento red hot chili peppers. Save it for special occasions, and cooler environments for optimal results.

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