Every once in awhile everyone needs quiet moments enjoying music while being in noisy places. This however seems impossible with the cheap knock offs in the market purporting to be best in noise canceling but always end up disappointing. On the other hand it is possible to get well-functioning noise cancelling headphones. However most are often extremely expensive thus ending up unaffordable. In this regard here is a list of 7 best noise cancelling headphones under $50 to buy. 

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Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Pro: With most affordable headphones not being able to be folded, this set itself apart from the rest as it is easily foldable.
Con: Reality is that it is not quite efficient on noise cancelling, as one can still hear horn traffic noises even if it’s from a distance.

Sony MDRZX110NC are indeed one of the best noise cancelling headphones under $50. This is for the simple reason that it has 30 mm neodymium dynamic dome drivers, specifically designed for a powerful deep bass effect for all music genres. In addition with only a switch to flip noise activation canceling is achieved. With the inbuilt technology, intelligent analysis of the environment is carried out, reducing the noise up to 95%. Battery life is excellent as it can be used for up to 80hrs on single AAA alkaline batteries.

LG Electronics HBS-730 Tone+ Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Pro: A noticeable disadvantage is that it can be a bit hectic to clean. The headphones being white come in contact with a lot of sweat, hairs and even ear wax making it unsightly in the end.
Con: Comes with a charger in addition to the fact that battery life is exceedingly long. One can forget completely about charging needs.

In the list of 7 best noise cancelling headphones under $50 is the LG electronics HBS-730 Tone+ Stereo Bluetooth Headset. Featuring an enhanced audio and bass response, it also has a built in in APT-x technology, allowing for production of quality sounds via Bluetooth connectivity.

Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Stereophone

Pro: It is easily adjustable to accommodate persons of all sizes, as the headband can be used by all persons from children to adults.
Con: It can be a bit heavy to deal with when wearing for long periods of time.

An affordable noise cancelling headphone under $50 is the Koss QZ-99 noise reduction Stereophone. Working best to reduce passive noise, the neodymium magnet structures also delivers outstanding clarity and definition. However what seals the deal is the closed pneumalite™ Ear cushions. With the extra secure headband seal ears, eliminating all ambient noise in the process.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC23

Pro: Works best to reduce noise when flying by airplane.
Con: The inbuilt in ear piece can be quite uncomfortable after using for a long period of time.

One of the most efficient noise cancelling headphones is Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 quietpoint active noise. This comes about as it reduces to 90% background noise. Engineered to offer superior sounds in high noise areas, it also has a small microphone that picks up noise to enable it reduce exterior sounds even more.

iLepo i20

Pro: Light weight as the shell lithium is only 28g
Con: Can be a bit uncomfortable to use after using for a long period of time.

Another notable noise cancelling headphone under $50, is the iLepo i20. Working to eliminate living environment noise of between 15-25 decibels, active noise cancellation is achieved for comfortable use even on a subway or plane. However it is a superior headphone as it has a phone handset free function allowing one to answer, hang up and end call without touching the phone.


Pro: Extremely long cord thus one does not need to worry about their current positions.
Con: The 87% noise efficiency is too low and does not work effectively, especially in high ambient noise areas

ASUS is no doubt one brand to purchase. ASUS NC1 active noise cancelling headphones with an effective cancellation of up to 87%, enjoying uninterrupted music is possible. However the best part is battery life as it can stay up to 100 hours battery life on single AAA battery.

Diskin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Headphones

Pro: Stylish, comfortable and can be used with or without the Bluetooth device.
Con: Can be a bit difficult pairing with other Bluetooth devices as suggested the first time.

Considering the Diskin headphones, one can only consider it as a Premium Bluetooth headphone. With a 20 Hz-20 KHz frequency range and an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 industry, it allows for wireless streaming of music to headphones with a 33 foot wireless range. Still with noise cancellation being the most important, total noise cancellation with the flip of a switch is guaranteed.

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