Working at the office or home that requires you to use double computers is quite a hassle. It stresses you even more and strains your neck and eyes. Thanks for the new technologies and great ideas today, because there is a new invention, which is the dual monitor stand that carries two monitors in one unit. No more head turning from side to side and moving from one place to another! With a dual monitor stand, you will only focus on one corner with two monitors attached together in front of you. Here are the 6 best dual monitor stands that will draw your attention!

Dual Monitor Stand Buying Guide


All dual monitor stands are adjustable to some degree. Lower-end ones require you to pull out a screwdriver or a mini wrench each time you want to move the stand. Look for one that’s easy to adjust without using any tools. You’ll also want to make sure it’s flexible enough to move around. Some harder metal stands are stable but difficult to adjust.

Scratch Protection

The underside of a monitor stand can scratch up your computer desk. Look for a model that has padding underneath, which can also keep it from slipping around. Nicer models have extra anti-scratch protectors on the arms, which can help keep the back of your monitors looking new.


Most stands only support monitors up to around 24 inches. Jumbo displays need a stand that supports up to 27 inches or even more. Monitor screens are measured diagonally, so you might be able to get away with a smaller stand if your display happens to be right on the line. Take a look at how tall and wide the mount is as well. You don’t want something that won’t fit on your desk.

Degree of Movement

If you’re going to adjust your monitor stand once and leave it in place, then you might not be worried too much about how many degrees it can move. However, you’ll definitely want a swivel mount that can rotate a full 360° if you plan on spinning the mount around to show what’s on your screen to someone else. It’s also good to have at least 90° of vertical swivel if you’re a gamer who wants to lean back while playing with a multi-display setup.


Pro: Super adjustable and flexible height and arms
Con: Uneven height when the two units are mounted

Vivo dual monitor stand can hold two monitors up to 27 inches and at 17.6 lbs each. You might think two screens with their own weight and height can be heavy for just a simple dual monitor. However, this device from Vivo is designed to be sturdy enough since it is made of high-grade aluminum and steel. The base is super solid, which is why it can handle two monitors at the same time. What’s more, the bottom base is built with protective padding so it will not create scratches on your table. Move it around to 360 degrees, tilt it up to 45 degrees and even swivel it up to 360 degrees to suit your viewing needs.


Pro: Compatible with many desktop brands anywhere from 13-inch to 27-inch
Con: Holes for cables are too small that they can’t move freely in them

Mount-it! Dual Monitor Stand has an adjustable spring arm height up to 13 inches. It holds two desktop screens with a height from 13 inches to 27 inches. It also comes with integrated cable management, where you can neatly organize the cables at the back. The monitors can be installed in either landscape or portrait shape depending on how you want to view them. The arm can be modified to tilt the screen up to 90 degrees, rotate up to 360 degrees, and swivel up to 180 degrees (two joints) and 360 (one joint).


Pro: Changing positions is just a piece of cake, no need for tools
Con: Base does not have a protective padding to prevent scratches

Duronic DM352 is engineered with two adjustable arms that flexibly position the desktop monitors. The mounts are suitable for both desktop monitors and flat-screen TVs of sizes 13 inches to 27 inches. The stand can hold a desktop of weight up to 17 lbs. You can even turn the monitor around for optimal convenience. The mount also enables you to move the double arms up and down and swivel them left and right to 360 degrees to get a better view based on your sitting position. An additional strong clamp is included in the package to secure stability and durability.


Pro: An anti-scratch heavy duty monitor mount
Con: Directions on adjusting the tension in the arms are unclear

Featured with aircraft-grade aluminum arms, the Loctek stand D5HD provides an anti-scratch surface. So, do not get worried about wear and tear because this dual monitor stand is designed to prevent scratches. The mount can hold two monitors of weight from 8.8 to 22 lbs each. The anti-scratch arms can be adjusted to support convenient working stations and to prevent body strains. It also comes with a gas spring hovering system that modifies the height of the monitor. It also has cable management where you can place the cables neatly and orderly.


Pro: Most compatible with HP desktop monitors
Con: Does not support desktops of 27-inch and above

Unlike other dual stand monitors, this HP monitor stand only supports desktops up to 24 inches, but the monitors can be rotated to portrait or landscape orientation. This unit is engineered with a dual hinged design that allows you to adjust the height, tilt, and move around for maximum comfort. And since this is a product of HP, it is compatible to use with any HP desktop monitor with the required size. What’s more, it can also be used with LCD displays and notebook PCs with 24 diagonal inches considering they have 100-mm VESA mounting pattern so they will be able to fit in.


Pro: Space-saving
Con: Laptop tray not included in the unit

The dual monitor stand from 3M is indeed a space-saving unit as it can handle two desktop monitors with a weight of 20 lbs and a height of 27 inches. To add more space to your workstation, you can purchase a laptop tray attachment with this MA260MB unit. To reduce eye, back, and neck pain, you can simply move the monitors and adjust the arms up and down to your preferred height. Also, you can even move the arms side to side or in and out when you want to share the screens with others.

Final Thoughts

For most users, the Mount-it! The dual monitor stand should suit every need. Loctek’s D5DH and Vivo’s V002P are excellent options for those who want a bit of extra scratch protection. Everyone else will probably enjoy the MI-1762.

It works with monitors from many brands as long as they fall between 13-27 inches. That includes most of the displays currently on the planet! You won’t have to worry about the cables getting stuck in the swivel mount either, since the monitor includes a handy hole to route all your wires. It even offers 360° of rotation, which makes it an ideal mount for almost any desk no matter what position you want your screens in.

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