Osu is a piece of unbelievably popular music and rhythm game that’s found its way onto just about every platform these days. Since it’s got at least one open-source version available, it’s likely to keep on getting bigger every day. Once you start to talk to other Osu players, you’re likely to hear them mention that they use a tablet to really get ahead in the game. Though some people do use Android touchscreen-based devices to play, they usually don’t mean these. They’re referring to pen tablets, which are more popular among artists who use them to draw digital pictures online. Since the game keeps you moving across a screen and touching different parts of it whenever a beat comes up, it’s great to have the precision that comes with using an actual pen. We scoured the net and found five that should really rock while you’re rocking out to the sick beats of Osu’s cast of featured recording artists.

GAOMON M106K Graphics Tablet

• 12 express keys & 16 shortcut keys
• Runs for 350 hours on a full charge
• Comes with replacement and maintenance kit
• Weighs nearly two pounds
• Only supports 2,048 pressure levels

When people talk about a GAOMON tablet for Osu, they’re normally referring to the S56K soft drawing pad. The M106K is an updated version of that venerable classic that loses none of the charms of the original. It still offers the generous workspace that the S56K had as well as the same feel. If you’re a longtime Osu player, then this might be the best option for you. Chances are that you’ve played with some form of the S56K before in that case. Newer players should still find plenty to like. While it’s a bit heftier than most other options, it’s solidly built. That’s made it a popular choice for those who play more than one rhythm game and need a single tablet to tackle all of their chosen titles. Connectivity is provided by a traditional USB cord. While some gamers prefer wireless peripherals, this design choice has been lauded by performance-minded individuals. You won’t ever risk a wireless disconnect since it’s attached to your PC via an actual cable.

Huion Inspiroy H1161 Tablet

• Stylus won’t need to be charged
• Lightweight
• Only 8 mm. thick
• Type C interface doesn’t fit all devices
• Soft keys aren’t the best for osu!std players
• Won’t work with some Samsung Galaxy devices

If you’re one of those hardcore Osu players who want to use shortcut keys to stay one beat ahead of the music, the the Huion Inspiroy may be for you. It works with the macOS, Windows and mobile versions of the game, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility problems or the tablet suddenly slowing down on you during an extended gaming session. Since the stylus pen doesn’t take batteries, you won’t have to worry about that going out during one either. It’s relatively inexpensive and extremely lightweight, so you can take it pretty much anywhere you go. Some eSports events attract Osu players from around the globe, and this tablet has started to make some waves in that community. Gamers who travel often pack one or two in their bags. It includes a 5080LPI and 266RPS type component, which helps to greatly improve resolution and accuracy. If you’ve ever had a device periodically miss a single beat, then you know how important this feature can be. It comes with a reasonable work surface as well, so you can be sure you won’t hit the stylus pen off the top of the tablet.

XP-Pen StarG640 Osu Tablet

• Designed with Osu players in mind
• Supports 8,192 different pressure levels
• 6×4 inch work area
• Only eight shortcut keys
• Weighs over a pound

The XP-Pen name has long been associated with the best tablets for Osu. In fact, they’re one of the first brands to market a tablet exclusively to those who play the game. Their StarG640 tablet represents the latest in a line of Osu-inspired designs. It’s an ultrathin drawing tablet that works just as well for those who want to make digital graphics, but it really shines in an Osu tournament. Each StarG640 comes with 20 replacement nibs, so you can swap out the ends of your stylus pen in case they go bad. That makes it particularly attractive to true hardcore gamers who plan on facing Osu’s Taiko and Mania challenges. The stylus doesn’t require any additional batteries either, so it won’t die on you during extended play sessions. In fact, the G640 was originally designed as a drop-in replacement for a mouse and it doesn’t cost all that much more than one. That makes it ideal for anyone who wants an Osu tablet they can also use to play online puzzle games and match-three titles with.

Wacom Intuos CTL6100WLK0 Tablet

• Includes bonus software
• Supports 4,096 pressure levels
• Works with all PCs and Macintosh computers
• Only has four express keys
• Battery life is slightly less than most

According to some people, Wacom basically invented the modern drawing tablet. That means it’s not hard to believe that they continue to make some of the best in the industry. While you can expect to pay a bit more for the name, you’re also getting some extra bang for your buck with the latest version of the Intuos. For instance, it comes with a 4K pressure-sensitive pen that makes it perfect for anyone who plans to play Osu on a bigger display screen. In fact, those looking for a tablet for Osu that they’ll use at big public events should be more than happy with this design decision. They’ll also like how natural it feels. Some people have complained that certain pens feel weird after using them for a long period of time. A few prominent gamers have even gotten cramps. Due to the way that the Intuos is designed, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about these issues.

VEIKK S640 Ultra-Thin Tablet

• Fluid controls
• Stylus is nice and sturdy
• One of the thinnest on the market
• Slightly fragile due to the size of it
• May not work with some Chromebooks

Perhaps the nicest thing about VEIKK’s tablets is that they’re actually rebranded versions of ones sold by other companies. Since VEIKK is more of a reseller, you’re getting the same technology at a lower price. Just like any other tablet for Osu, it supports many pressure levels and offers a smooth experience. Those who want to save a little money for in-app purchases will especially like this option. While it’s a bit too thin for those who plan to take on the world in a professional event, it’s an excellent choice for stay-at-home players who mostly game from a desk or their lap. In fact, it’s light enough to take alongside you when you’re reclining or otherwise relaxing, so VEIKK’s option is likely to achieve a level of popularity with more casual players of Osu. Though it might not be recognized by some Chromebooks, PC and Macintosh users shouldn’t ever have any problems with it.

Final Thoughts

Most gamers will love the XP-Pen StarG640. It’s been consistently ranked among the best tablets for Osu players time and time again, in part because it’s unique pressure sensor was specifically designed for the game. Even the slightest tap will register a hit, which is vital for those who want to take their game to the next level. It’s one of the few tablets that are fully compatible with the osu!ctb and osu!mania challenges. That’s one of the biggest reasons that it’s become the choice of many pro gamers. Serious players will also want to look into the Inspiroy H1161, which is quickly becoming a mainstay at eSports competitions. It’s still affordable enough for you to replace it if anything goes wrong. While the H1161 doesn’t come with a set of replacement nibs, it’s stylus is more than strong enough to take even the most destructive gaming session.


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