Have you been wondering whether there is a better way to enjoy your favorite music other than through the modern digital technology? Living in the 21st century we have experienced unprecedented growth in technology affecting all spheres of life.

How we entertain ourselves with music has not been left behind in this technological revolution. Analog technology brought music in its recorded form to the ears of music lovers in the mid to late 20th century. This saw the popularity of the turntable as the main method of enjoying music soar across the globe.

However, much has really changed; in came the radio cassette, in the 80’s and early 90s, which was seen as an improvement to the turntable. The close of the 20th century brought in the digital era. Today, music lovers can play and dance to their favorite music genres from digital devices including mobile phones and home theatres among others.

Let’s highlight the following turntables that we feel, after intensive research, are among the leading gramophones in the market today.

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Best turntables under $100

Jensen JTA-230

If you are operating on a low budget but still need a reasonable turntable that has reasonable performance, this could as well be what you need. This 3-speed stereo gramophone comes with adjustable speed and in-built speakers. Being a low budget turntable, it is quite easy to use and to set up. Jensen JTA-230 is great for you if you are new to the vinyl technology and if you are not so choosy about sound quality.

As low end as it is you can still use this device to transfer your records to your computer and convert your music from analog to digital; its USB port cable that is included for that purpose. The cartridge of this record player is made of ceramic, a characteristic of many low end gramophones, and comes in handy in helping the tiny player to keep external noise at much lower levels during playback.

Be ready to experience sudden volume changes or strong bass during playback since the stylus in ceramic cartridges is fond of getting out of the groove especially when playing at low frequencies. Talking about the stylus, this unit is equipped with a stylus that can only play 33 1/3 & 45 rpm records. However, you can still buy a different stylus for playing with this unit. Though you will enjoy the convenience of automatic stop when the record is over, the arm will not automatically return to its rest; you have to return it manually. Beware this might not be the only manual operation you perform.

You might be tempted to doubt the performance of Jensen JTA-230’s speakers due to their small size. However, when you turn them on you will realize the performance is rather dignified though don’t expect these speakers to get too loud. Though this record player does not promise high fidelity sound, it is still good enough to attract the attention of a low end purchase.

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK

This is a budget turntable that features full automation. If you don’t mind a 2- speed gramophone then this will serve you quite well. It comes with 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds.. You can connect this unit directly to your computer, powered speakers, home stereo any other devices that are not dedicated to turntable input. Supplied with an Audio-Technical Magnet phono cartridge, the Audio-Technica comes with a replaceable stylus.

The good thing about magnetic cartridges is that they produce much better audio signals. The unfortunate experience you might have to go through with this cartridge is that it produces lower level electric signal but you can improve on this by amplifying it to a line level by use of a preamplifier. Another drawback you might face with this type of cartridge is that it has a higher sensitivity to external vibrations. Despite these downs, the magnetic cartridge will certainly does a better job than a ceramic one.

Note that this unit does not come with a counterweight to help you set proper tracking force. Rather, the tracking force cannot be adjusted as it is factory adjusted. They stylus will give you about 400 hour of good performance but as it gets worn out you will notice some skipping and loss of the high frequencies. The ATN3600L stylus is a good replacement for the original stylus. If you still want better music experience with this device, you can still achieve it but the options are limited to upgrading other components such as the speakers. Otherwise, the turntable itself cannot be upgraded.

The automatic design of this record player is a feature you will enjoy. Unlike many other turntables in this range, the AT-LP60BK is fully automatic. Pressing the start button, the tonearm automatically positions at the beginning of your record. As soon as the needle touches the end of the record, the tonearm automatically returns to its rest. However, if you want to play selected tracks, you can still operate the tonearm manually using its lift button. What is certain about this gramophone is that at its price it won’t disappoint you with the quality of music it produces.

Best turntables under $200

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK-BT

Here is another great LP60 but this time with an internal Bluetooth transmitter. So, with this device you don’t have to worry about wires running all over the abode. You can just set up the turntable in one room and stream the music directly to the other rooms without running cables all over the place. The gramophone can connect to up to eight devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

The sound reproduction with the Bluetooth feature is better than you would expect given that this is not wired technology. But if you really want to feel classic with the wires sprawling across the room, the At-LP60-BT turntable allows you the luxury to do just; its wired-operations option gives you this opportunity.

Though you can go that traditional way with this device, it doesn’t mean you will compromise your comfort and convenience. With the ease of its automatic operation you are able to start enjoying your music with the just the push of a button. One other good thing about this model is that you don’t need a counterweight in order to prevent the needle from the occasional skip.

The tracking force of this product is preset since the cartridge is attached permanently and counters the need for any adjustable counter weight. The downside with this device is that though device connects to your computer, you cannot use it to digitize your records. In any case, you can get solace from the fact that the primary reason you want a gramophone in the first place is to get better music in its natural than you can get from digital music.

Fluance High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player

Fidelity carries the meaning of trustworthiness and this is what this record player delivers. Built with premium segments, this belt driven turntable creates a pure analog listening experience that aptly captures the artist’s presentations. Its premium components enable this turntable to deliver the original analog experience and give you the true feel intended by the artist. You can count on the high performance cartridge to produce outstanding clarity.

The playback function using the balanced aluminum tonearm makes sure the stylus rests deep in the record’s groove and produces each audio detail just like it was in the original recording. The tinted dust cover not only prevents dust from settling on the device but blends perfectly with the MDF cabinet material to give it a nice appealing look that supplements the overall curb appeal of your room.

When you scout for a remarkable record player that will give your favorite 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records the true natural feel and connect to your sound system, you will not be disappointed by giving Fluance High Fidelity a chance.

Best turntables under $300

Audio Technica AT-LP120BK-USB

Are you ready to get a good quality record player without having to dig deep into your pocket? Audio Technica AT-LP120BK-USB might as well be your safe bet. This player is becoming very popular due to its sound quality, speed accuracy, durability and of course, reasonable price. One of the good things about this player is that you can improve the sound quality anytime by simply upgrading the necessary components. The dual magnet cartridge produces very clear and well detailed sounds.

The turntable is a master in excellent audio playback and high accuracy tracking, thanks to its elliptical diamond stylus. With this record player be sure of minimal tracking errors; the S- shape of its tonearm plays a crucial role in reducing tracking errors. Audio Technica AT-LP120BK-USB allows you can select the speed at which you want to listen to your music from the three available speed options of 33, 45 and 78. What’s even better is you can plug this gramophone directly to other components that have no turntable inputs thanks to the selectable internal pre-amplifier.

If you are one of the people who like digitizing their music, this device gives you opportunity to do this since you can connect it to your computer using the USB or the analog audio. When fitted with the right appropriate stylus, this record player makes an excellent DJ starter turntable. Its high torque, direct drive motor and its other features such as fast start-stop, accurate speed, reverse playback, pitch adjustment and strobe speed indicator account for this possibility.

Bear in mind that this turntable cannot emit sound without the necessary speakers, so it should always be connected to powered speakers or stereo receiver.


This is another belt driven analog record player that promises to deliver vinyl music as it is meant to be. This genuine belt drive, two-speed turntable comes with an MM phono pre-amplifier and a vital USB output is great for home use. TEAC TN-300 is one of the record players that allow you to play your vinyl with stereo.

With this gramophone, you can use the USB digital output you are able to record albums to your local computer. Though it is fully manual, it delivers sound with layering and depth. TEAC allows you to copy your music to a MAC or PC using the USB connection thus creating a digital archive.

Reading the vinyl records has never been so advanced and accurate thanks to the Audio-technica cartridge installed to allow for this superior performance. The platter and record rotation is highly stable making this turntable to perform remarkably well when it comes to spindle accuracy. Any amplifier will work with this turntable since it has an integrated Phono pre-amplifier so whether it has a phono equalizer or lacks one the device will still stay faith and play your records.

The sound you get from this record player is certainly fit for its price and quality expectations; the bass is pleasant and the notes will hardly go awry. Though some people have an issue with the gramophones’ place of manufacture, the machine has not attracted any noticeable backlash. In any case, what matters to any serious buyer is the quality of the product.

Best turntables under $500 (click for the full list with reviews)

Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon DC

Unlike other turntables in its range, this record player is easy to set up, making it a favorite especially to people who don’t want to struggle with set ups. The sound quality that comes from Pro-Ject DC is simply amazing. This unit features a motor suspension and a 33 1/3 and 45 speed rpm and is equipped appropriately with a belt drive.

This new Debut carbon comes with a noticeable improvement in the form a carbon tube included in its tonearm. This is important if you appreciate the need for a stiff tonearm with decreased resonance. The Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon DC offers improved sound quality due to its increased platter weight and size which make it to achieve much smoother rotations.

As you enjoy your music from Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon DC, you will hardly hear the sound of the motor due to the superior drive belt design used in assembling this product. In addition, its low weight and small size makes transporting it quite easy. If you play singles frequently, you need to adjust the play speeds that often too. The manufacturer has developed optional speed boxes for people like you.

When correctly connected between the turntable and the mains power supply, you can electronically change speed from 33 to 45 at the push of a button. If you opt for this turntable you will enjoy the luxury of choosing the design you want from a range of not less than 7 colors.

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB

Aptly referred to as the professional turntable for the DJ, this equipment lives true to its reputation. Turntablists across the world have a lot of respect for these powerful turntables. So, if you are a DJ or want to practice and enhance your spinning skills, this is the gramophone for you. It is designed basically for use in all sorts of nightclubs, mobile applications and for touring.

That is why the upper body is all steel while the lower portion is extremely heavy rubber material deliberately put there for isolation and dampening purposes. Whether you are a professional DJ, an aspiring DJ or you just want to disk-jockeying for fun, this gramophone allows you to play your records at 33, 45 and 78 rpm. This does not mean you cannot use it for your entertainment at home. In order to offer exceptional music reproduction, this product utilizes a very powerful direct-drive, three phase motor that delivers speed stability.

Other than the excellent motor, the turntable has numerous additional features that make your music experience simple fantastic. These features include: separate start and stop buttons, adjustable pitch range buttons in the range of 8%, 25% and 50%, speed adjustment knobs, internal power grounding and a replaceable pop up light.

Other than for those who might want this for their home entertainment, we strongly recommend Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB to any Turntablist or DJ who is committed and serious to his career and needs a serious machine to polish their skills.

Best turntables under $1000 (click for the full list with reviews)


Held by a low resonance chassis the RPM 3 Carbon ensures you experience minimal rumble; thanks to the ceramic ball attached to the inverted platter bearing that is held by the low resonance chassis. Its 10” S-shaped tonearm is made from resin and carbon fiber aluminum.

The tonearm in this unit offers you greater utility; it is made using a sophisticated 3 step process that includes heat treatment plus 100 bar pressure. This strengthens its rigidity and maximizes internal damping while at the same time reducing internal resonance. All these combine to widen the usability of the tonearm making it usable with MC cartridges too.

Anyone looking for a record player with enhanced speed, Rpm 3 Carbon might as well be one of the best options. Its outboard 15V AC motor runs smoothly using an ultra-precision AC generator that comes with a DC supply; all these blend perfectly to deliver the enhanced speed performance. Some other additional features in this gramophone include TPE damped counterweight and a new magnetic anti skating. A great thing about this turntable is its small size that makes it portable. Anyone who has listened to music from this record player will confirm the quality of sound is fantastic.

Rega RP3 Turntable

Getting outstanding musical performance cannot get any better than what this light weight record player delivers. Count on the reliability, ease of use and its excellent build to get a lifetime of excellent musical enjoyment. Looking at the turntable you will be excused to wonder why the apparently high cost. Well, rather than offer you unnecessary gimmicks, the manufacturer of Rega RP3 Turntable opt to invest resources where it matters – high quality parts needed to reproduce your records as accurately as possible.

One good thing with this record player is that it comes with a nicely designed dust cover. So, if you live in a dust prone location, your gramophone is protected from the negative effect that the dust can cause. However you have to be careful how you open and shut this cover. If you you get used to opening it from one side rather than from the front or if you don’t lift it up perfectly it will come of the hinge when you try to lift it. This might not be a big deal if you follow this precaution every time you are opening the cover.

On a different note, it is Rega Company that pioneered the use of super lightweight plinths. When combined with phenolic brace mounted precisely where it matters, between the main hub bearing and the tonearm mounting, they form a sound stressed assembly. The rigid plinth design of this gramophone effectively prevents energy absorption as well as unwanted resonances.

This way, you are assured of high quality music with hardly any unnatural distortions. The super lightweight material serves another crucial role; it eliminates unnecessary transfer of unwanted energy such as bearing noise or motor energy directly to the rotating record. Rega RP3 tonearm is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in tonearm design.

Planning a bigger budget for this turntable will give you a record player with an RB 303 tonearm, lightweight plinth design, double brace technology, 24V low noise, hand-tuned motor assembly with a dust cover.

Why buy a turntable?

This new mode of entertainment is of course considered modern and a mark of sophistication. But an increasing number of music lovers are turning back to the turntable. As someone with a passion and taste for good music you might as well wonder, why buy a turntable in this time and age?

Two compelling reasons make this option very appealing to this increasing number of music enthusiasts. What have these people realized? And, should you be left behind? Reason number one; listening to music from a turntable is a lifestyle statement. Possessing an album on vinyl and then having the right equipment to play it, depicts certain polished ways of listening to music and living.

Listening to music from a vinyl record ensures you will really listen to the music to its very end. Holding a record gives you the feel of actually owning that particular work of art. Knowing the historical place of records in music history, you feel special with one of the major landmarks of modern music in your hands.

The second and more important reason that should make you buy a turntable at the earliest opportunity is the quality of music delivered by these gadgets. Listeners have realized that digital sound does not sound natural. Why? Because when music is digitized, it actually loses some of the vital natural aspects. The digitization process makes use of snapshots to capture the sounds in the music.

Some aspects of the music are lost in-between snapshots. Granted, your ear might not out rightly detect the missing aspects but the fact is, there is something about the original music that misses in digitized music. So, if you want to listen to recorded music in its natural form in the 21st century, get a turntable and the accompanying vinyl records.

Turntables are not devices we buy frequently in this era. So, anybody who wants to go for this option might not be very sure of what to look for in a good turntable. To make matters worse, some of the terminologies that are used with this technology are no longer in popular use. Let us first start by defining these terminologies if only to make it easy for you to understand the contents of this review and to also empower you to use this terms authoritatively as you shop around for the best turntable.

Common terminologies to guide you in the selection of the right turntable:


This is the movable part of the turntable (it actually looks like an arm) that carries the pickup and allows the needle to accurately follow the groove on the record.


This is a magnetic transducer that is essential for the playback function of records on the turntable.


For the record to spin it has to be placed on a surface that will rotate together with the record. This rotating, round surface that resembles a flat plate, is the platter.

Phono stage

This is the component that offers connection between your record player and the amplifier.

Tracking force

This the process of ensuring the cartridge sits on your record on the turntable with the optimum amount of weight. This makes your record sound much better and prevents the tonearm from scratching and flailing uncontrollably.

Azimuth adjustment

This is the adjustment made to the magnitude of the angle between the physical tape and the tape heads. The preferred angle is a perpendicular 90 degrees.

Vertical tracking angle

When the tone arm places the needle on the record, it does it at an angle which is critical for good sound quality; it refers to the angle made between the surface of the record and the cantilever.

Drive method

This refers to the method used to rotate your turntable platter. There are many methods such as belt drive, DC belt drive and FG Servo Belt drive among others. Each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses.

These terminologies summarize the key areas of concern you should consider as you shop for your ideal turntable.


It is now clear why the turntable is coming back to the lives of an increasing number of music lovers; vinyl music is more natural and appealing to the ear than digitized music. There are numerous brands of turntables in the market that cater for the needs of every budget. So, you can get a good turntable at whatever price range you prefer. This review has highlighted what we feel and know are some of the best gramophones in the given price ranges. You don’t have to miss out on the superior music experience offered by the analog technology. Search keenly from this best turntable list and you will thank yourself that you did.

*Any prices mentioned in the article were at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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